Philadelphia – one of my new favorite places to visit

So, we arrived by train from Rahway to Trenton, NJ to Philadelphias 30th street station and started walking down Market street.. It was suprisingly easy to navigate through the town, and mike was amazed at how good i am with a map and little direction. We got to the hotel after a quick dunkin donuts run, dropped off the luggy bag I brought and then explored downtown a little to buy a backpack and some drinks to bring back to the hotel. Dropped that off and went to the Franklin Institute, which closes after 5pm and it was now 530p, but we were able to see the star wars exhibit and ride the millenium falcon, which is a simulator of hyper drive.. not worth the $5.. we went back to the hotel and I did a lil research on dinner and chose the City Tavern, a tavern built in the 1700’s where George Washington once held as the continental army home meeting spot.. It also hosted a huge list of historical big names like John Adams, Ben Franklin, etc.. etc.. make sure you try the Secret Recipe Thomas Jefferson sweet potato and pecan biscuits.. those were DELISH.. and i had a very filling Martha Washington Turkey Pot Pie, the pastry was all melty on the bottom, and nice light and flaky on top… to make the whole thing even better, you drink out of historic looking goblets, and dine in these beautiful old rooms, and the waiters are dressed in the garb of the times.. so after that, very full, we walked around and found the old philadelphia merc. exchange and walked around the cobblestones.. and did a little picking at the pillars which were very worn away.. then we walked past the first bank of the US.. (im not sure if that is the official name).. and then walked all around town, marveling at Phillys sites and buildings.. we eventually caught a cab back to the windsor hotel, and watched snakes on a plane.. a very cheesy movie.. but it was fun and we didnt take it too seriously. The next morning, I woke up and ran to dd and got us some coffee and donuts, we checked out and got bfast at the marriot on market street, where we found breakfast to be very expensive.. then we jumped on the subway and jumped back off after some policy activity and overall confusion was taking place.. We walked a little down to Consititution Hall and found that the Consititution wasnt there, so after a little shopping at the museum shop, we walked back and saw Ben Franklins grave and threw some pennies on top.. we walked to independance hall, then sat for a while, then jumped on the trolley tour bus, took a 90 minute tour, jumped off at south street, ate dinner at Bridget Moys (SP?), then walked back to subway and made it home.. very nice time


The cutest sticky notes – Galison Sticky Notes

If you’ve seen my desk at work, you already know how much I love these sticky notes from Galison. They are organized into a cute little booklet and have every size sticky note you could ever need.. The notes aren’t as sticky as their post-it counterparts but they do the job well enough.. Paired up with their journals, stationary, file folders, notecards and even matching paperweights, these really do pretty up the office.

My favorite phone – The HTC TyTN II

While im not sure why phones these days have such sily names, I am sure that my htc tytn murders all those other silly phones and so I could care less about the name. Eventhough I am a bit bitter that I bought this from a store in the uk before the phone was released here and paid full price, I could not be happier.. This is by far the best windows mobile device I’ve used..
For starters it has every app you could ever need and then some.. Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, calendar and contacts, gps tracking software (mine came with tomtom but I think us versions come with another 3rd party software), mail application that actually allows you to see your mail as it was meant to be seen (with pictures) – previous versions only allowed you to see mail in plain text format..
While the overall look is also much improved thanks to the windows mobile operating system.. The results is a better looking home screen, more customization, less freezing up.. And thanks to htc I have enough memory to load my phone up with al sorts of fun applications like sudoku.. And agenda fusion, etc.. An even sweeter bonus is the phone is already set to print to a bluetooth printer, which I just so happen to have! Awesome!
Overall, I know this phone is probably too much for most people I know.. But im telling you, this is the way of the future people.. Your phones should do so much more.. And they do, this does.. With the iphone out im sure these types of devices will get more popular with the masses.. But until then, I guess I am still one of the few..

Tiffany Crystal Atlas Carafe with Cup

I love this glass.. use it everyday at work.. The carafes top is actually a glass, with a nice solid base that has the Tiffany Atlas symbols.. When its cleaned and dry, it sparkles.. and it has all these great little edges and nooks and crannies so the light really makes this thing shine.. It also makes a very nice bedside carafe.. so your water doesnt get dusty throughout the night.


Doin a little thing to help the environment.. These cute reusable grocery bags come in a lot of bright colors, and one of them can hold as many as 2-3 plastic grocery store bags.. They fold up into a pouch that you can throw in your purse.. I think so many of us feel like being green is too much work, but if we all make simple small changes we can make a big difference..

Some other small changes, use only recycled toilet paper.. If every household in the us replaced one roll of regular t.p. with recycled t.p., 423,900 trees would be saved.. So I figured why not just use only recycled tp.. Things like that, very easy..

Poco Dolce Bittersweet Tiles with Seasalt

Poco Dolce – Bittersweet Tiles w/Seasalt

These were recommended by Domino Magazine, so i went online and bought a sampler box for 44.. The store is in San Francisco, so after a week or so, my package arrived.. I had these in the office, and my boss who always picks at my chocolates was very complimentary of these.. My opinion: By far the best mix of ingredients with chocolate.. The sea salt is perfectly balanced against the sweet of the chocolate, and the slightly burnt taste of caramel.. The aztec chili is a nutty blend of pistachio and a spicy chili. along with the sea salt, i could eat these all night..

Though not cheap.. these by far are my favorite chocolates in the mixed ingredients category..

My favorite lipglosses

Todays list of good stuff.. Lipgloss Etc..

1. C.O. Bigelow Soda Flavored Lip Glosses – Cherry and Straberry Vanilla Shake are my favorites – probably the sweetest tasting lip glosses ive tried.
2. Burts Bees – Beeswax Lip Balm – By far the best unisex lip balm.. slightly minty and not greasy at all.. lasts long enough

3. Ganache For Lips – Made with Scharffen Berger Chocolate – very tasty – although not as great feeling on the lips.. somewhat grainy.. since I love chocolate, this one is high on my list