Sheckys Girls Night Out

Last night Monica and I went to Sheckys Girls Night Out event.. Basically its a shopping party that you pay 30 dollars to get into (and you get a big goodie bag) and there are all sorts of cool freebies you can score while you shop a lot of local boutiquey type shops.. Loads of fun, I got my eyebrows threaded, got a hand massage and played some nintendo while sipping tgi fridays fruit mojitos. Yum! The pic is of the contents of my goodie bag, so you may see some of these products in future blogs (we’ll see after I get to try them all)
I think this will be an event we will regular each year.. While im not a big fan of jewelry, and they have lots of jewelry vendors, they also had a lot of clothes and specialty shops that really caught my eye.. I will write about the winners of my money later.
A website with lots of fashion, beauty, food and pretty much everything trendy you need to know about.

My 100th Post!

This will be my 100th post, and I wanted to post all my top favorites here from all categories, at random. A kind of potpourri of my favorite stuff right now. Trinidad Charlies Hot Sauce. – the best place for the best perfumes. Poco Dolce Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles. Skin Milk Body Cream. Tiffany Atlas Crystal Carafe. Haupia mix by Noh. Coconut Mojitos from The Intercontinental Hotel (Barclays Bar & Grill) NYC. Soup Dumplings from Shanghai Cuisine NYC. In-n-Out Double Double. Rib eye from johns market in NJ. Archer Farms Blueberry Almond Oatmeal. Dove Cream Hand Soap. Disneys Alice & Wonderland. Lescure Butter. Bodum French Press. Tempurpedic Foam Mattress. Bull Dog Tonkatsu Sauce. Hollywood Fashion Tape. The scent ball. Battlestar Galactica (sci-fi). The Thank You Network Dr. Scholls Massaging Gel Insoles. Escentric Molecules – Molecule 01. El Torito Grill Fresh Tortillas. Good Earth Original Sweet & Spicy Tea. The Chronicles of Narnia (Entire Collection, Paperback). Bonnie Bell Lipsmacker in Barqs Rootbeer. NutriSystem Chocolate Chocolate Pudding. HTC TyTn II. Macks SafeSound Earplugs. Google Maps Mobile. – all cute desk stuff. L’Oreal True Match Foundation. C.O. Bigelow Soda Fountain Lip Glosses. Origins Sensory Therapy Peace of Mind On the spot relief. Moleskin Journals. – swap your books for the price of postage! Green Mountain Coffee Golden French Toast (Seasonal). Tony Chacheros Jambalaya Mix. N.A.P. cuddle blanket from Brookstone. and

So many good products, not enough time to write about them all – But I’ll try!

Frizz Ease Original Hair Serum

Ofcourse you know about this product if you have Frizzy hair. You put it on wet hair after the shower, and it dries less frizzy. It also glossifies your hair, makes it shiny, but doesnt grease it up. I put it on, then blow dry and flat iron it out and my hair feels very soft. It doesnt wear my hair down at all, but when it gets humid, I end up putting my thermal wax on the ends to keep my hair from completly fuzzing up. but I use this first. The nice thing about this is it manages the frizz without making your hair so heavy and oily that it ends up looking dirty. The shampoo and conditioner from John Freida is also good.. but not moisturizing enough for my thick/dry hair.

Vosges Haut Chocolate – Red Fire Bar

I’ve been waiting for a good ancho chili and chocolate mix. 2 christmas’ ago I gave out some Amedei Porcelano squares of chocolate with little bags of individual ancho chilis wrapped with ribbon (the idea was from martha stewart living magazine) and instructions on how to make a spicy hot chocolate.. And the taste was delicious, since then I’ve loved spicy chocolate and although this was very expensive, 2 small squares for 1.99 at Whole Foods, it was very good. Its a 55% cocoa blend with ancho and chipotle chilis and ceylon cinnamon. The chocolate is sweet and has a mild lingering heat that isn’t too spicy. Yum.

Shangai Cuisine – Best Soup Dumplings in New York

A friend who lives in Chinatown introduced me to this place, and the pork soup dumplings that have become a tradition and a constant craving for me and my fiance, Mike. If you’ve never had a soup dumpling, basically its a piece of pork with seasonings mixed inside a dumpling along with soup. So you bite into the dumpling and all the soup is all hot inside, you blow it cool, add a few drops of this vinegary soy sauce they give you, and bite. Mm, my mouth is watering just typing this. Good chinese food, good prices. Shang Hai Cuisine(212) 732-8988
89 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013 – if you go, make sure you grab a business card so you can find your way back when you get another craving.

River Stones Bowl – Riccardo Marzi

From one of the best places to find all sorts of really uniquely designed pieces for the home. This is a huge bowl, with river stones in resin – so its like looking down on a river bed gleaming with water from a stream.. Beautiful – If only I had a table large enough to display it (it is sitting on top of a cabinet, unfortunatly) – $155 at

Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom

My favorite scented collection for the summer from Bath and Body Works is Cherry Blossom. I like the Ultimate Silk Body Lotion because its powdery but not overly drying. Its perfect for the hotter days when you need to stay dry, plus the scent lasts. I layer it with the body spray – and also use the shower gel, and shampoo and condition for complete coverage! And i never smell too strong, it reminds me of the start of spring.. And the cherry is not foodie at all, but fresh and floral. The best of their many scents, in my opinion.


As you can see from the pic, these are nipple covers – for all your super sheer comfy bras that provide no coverage. I like these because I have a habit of changing into these fabulous but thin sports bra tanks that I got from nordstrom rack at night (they are comfortable enough to sleep in) but even with a dark tee on top.. They always show! I can’t leave the house with the faintest "high beams" so these are perfect.. They warm up and you WILL forget that you are wearing them, but try not to.. Your ladies must breathe overnight.. Washable.. Very thin at the edges so be careful you don’t tear em. A nice gift for the modest girl friend. About $26 at

Lea Extreme by Lea St Barth

I picked this one up because they were in limited supply, the company had basically reformulated their perfume and these were the leftovers. Its a very delicate scent.. Notes are: Almond, vanilla, light musc. The combination smells of loukoum without the rose.. Simple and pretty. Its an eau de toilette so it doesn’t last long enough on me. And I am a fan of packaging and the bottle on this thing sucks. But otherwise I like. $95 at