EnerGel ™ RTX Retractable Roller Ball Pen

itIf there is one thing I know. Its pens.
I think I can say I am an authority. Im left handed so I need a pen that doesn’t smudge as my hand unaturally drags over my writing.. I need a pen whose ink flows continuously without any gaps (i am a perfectionist that could never deal with the little swirly O ringlets that people draw trying to get the ink out) ill rewrite sticky notes if the letters aren’t lined up right.. So I need a good pen. Gel ink pens aren’t always so good, most of the time they write smoothly but get stopped up when there is plenty ink left, this pen has never stopped on me until you see the barrel run dry, it is so smooth that it glides across any paper (even shinier paper) and the needle tip lets out a nice thin point without having to worry about tearing the paper. My office doesn’t spring for gourmet pens so ofcourse I buy these with my own cash and hide them in a drawer.. Because somebody (Claudine) loves to borrow them and not return them! This is the type of pen where you bring one out of the box at a time, and when I find it missing ill do two complete laps of the office before dipping back into my supply. If you do decide to get one, write your name on all of them so when you see someone using it, its easier to grab it back without feeling like a jerk.


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