Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom

My favorite scented collection for the summer from Bath and Body Works is Cherry Blossom. I like the Ultimate Silk Body Lotion because its powdery but not overly drying. Its perfect for the hotter days when you need to stay dry, plus the scent lasts. I layer it with the body spray – and also use the shower gel, and shampoo and condition for complete coverage! And i never smell too strong, it reminds me of the start of spring.. And the cherry is not foodie at all, but fresh and floral. The best of their many scents, in my opinion.


As you can see from the pic, these are nipple covers – for all your super sheer comfy bras that provide no coverage. I like these because I have a habit of changing into these fabulous but thin sports bra tanks that I got from nordstrom rack at night (they are comfortable enough to sleep in) but even with a dark tee on top.. They always show! I can’t leave the house with the faintest "high beams" so these are perfect.. They warm up and you WILL forget that you are wearing them, but try not to.. Your ladies must breathe overnight.. Washable.. Very thin at the edges so be careful you don’t tear em. A nice gift for the modest girl friend. About $26 at

Lea Extreme by Lea St Barth

I picked this one up because they were in limited supply, the company had basically reformulated their perfume and these were the leftovers. Its a very delicate scent.. Notes are: Almond, vanilla, light musc. The combination smells of loukoum without the rose.. Simple and pretty. Its an eau de toilette so it doesn’t last long enough on me. And I am a fan of packaging and the bottle on this thing sucks. But otherwise I like. $95 at


Everyone forgets things running out the door everyday.. This little stylish doorknob hanger has pockets, a little clip and comes in plenty of cute colors – perfect for holding onto the bill that needs mailing, or your keys, or your metrocard.. anything small enough you dont want to forget – I have one at work that i stick a note in that tells people to leave me alone when Im working on payroll. Very handy. $9 at

Mario Badescu – Drying Mask

Woo, this mask really pulls everything out of your skin – I mean this in a good way. Its called Drying Mask, and thats what it does, drys everything up. You really need to wash to get this stuff off your face, but once you do – your face feels like baby bottom, all soft and smooth. Even brighter. You’d better follow with the Special Cucumber lotion and a good moisturizer, though..

Its made with colliodial sulfur, which helps dry out acne blemishes.. and I’ve noticed my skin begin to clear up when i began using this.. which is about 1 time every 1-2 weeks. The whole Badescu line is like an undiscovered secret – I’ll be trying more of their products.

Genie de Bois – Keiko Mecheri

spicy cedary cinnamon violet – exotic and sexy. Keiko puts out so many unique and fantastic scents, I’m adding this to my list of favorites. The cedar makes it very vampy. Its got a bit of powder to it too, which I love.. from

the notes are: violet, cedar, exotic woods – it makes you feel very feminine and ruthless. Like something Lara Croft would wear when she got dressed up.. sorry, its the only thing I could think of for the description. Marvelous.