Caress Exotic Oil Infusions – Morrocan

This is a very rich and lathery, sweet yet subtly spicy body wash that leaves your skin nice and soft. The name fits it, very exotic and unique smelling. You can still smell it after you wash. I still needed a moisturizer after I washed, but the only thing that was really rich enough that you didnt have to put on lotion after using, is sugar/oil scrubs. And those leave so much residue on your shower floor that I use them only on special occasions. This is a perfect everyday body wash – makes you feel very sexy. about $5 at


Tropicana Pure Rasberry Acai

If you haven’t had a juice with acai, the best way to describe it is like a mix of berries and chocolate milk.. The consistency is a dark milky purple and its a little unappetizing looking.. But the taste is great.. This is mixed with rasberries and I believe like most fruit juice also apples. Its a nice drink to put on ice and sip a half a cup, much too thick to say its chuggable. But a very good drink.

King Arthur Flour – Unbleached All Purpose Flour

I bake a lot, and a lot of the recipes I’ve tried come from Martha Stewarts website, and Martha recommends King Arthur flour, so ofcourse I had to try it. This flour makes all your baked goods so much better. Its all purpose so I use it for everything, cakes, cookies, even some of the breads (although they carry a lot of specialty bread flours as well). Their website says they use the best American wheat, and if you’ve normally used store bought brands, this flour will show you that there is a difference. I was buying it online from which has a plethora of baking ingredients and bakeware, mixes and recipes – but then I found out that my local pathmark grocery store also carries King Arthur, so now I buy it at the store. A great value at about $5 for a 5 lb bag.

O & Co. Premium Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

A very thick and very balanced balsamic vinegar. Very concentrated and rich. I mix this with Oliviers & Co brand Basil Olive oil and toss it in a spinach salad with some apples and walnuts. Simple and delicious. Its pricey, at $33 for an 8 oz bottle, but like everything that I write about – worth it! And a little goes a long way – so your bottle will last.

The Laundress – Delicate Wash

Another beautiful smelling, gourmet cleaning product – The Laundress New York carries a bunch of different clothing cleaning products, in different perfum-ish fragrances – my favorite is Lady.. a very sophisticated scent. They carry all sorts of laundry helpers – detergents, dryer sheets, and sweater stones to name a few. Although not cheap, at $18 for 16oz of the Delicate Wash, its definitely a treat for all your delicates.

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Lavender Dish Soap

You have to do dishes, so you might as well have the lovely smell of lavender wafting up as you clean. The scent is beautiful, like sugared lavender – and it cuts through the grease. The ingredients are natural, and the bottle is cute – its got something called Soap Bark Extract, a natural degreasing agent, and essential oils – so its very fragrant. It doesnt leave your dishes smelling though, which is good – you dont want your food to smell lavendery. 4.99 at

Always Thin Pantiliners

Yes, thats right – Im writing about pantiliners!! I’ll keep it super short for all the men.. but informative for the ‘wimin. These liners as so thin, and the sticky stuff on the back lines the whole liner so that when you put these things on your ‘roos they really stick. Its like a second layer of fabric ironed onto your underwear.. seriously flat and thinner than any liner ive tried. It wont roll up in the back or wedge because it stays on the fabric! Good stuff