Kasugai Litchi Gummy

Like an exotic lifesaver gummy out of Japan, these little individually wrapped gummys are very addictive. Litchi is a fruit that a lot of people have never tried, and it is a sweet, hard to explain taste. This gummy really gets it right, even with the grainyness and consistency.. like litchis blended up and added right in. very tasty.


Glide Comfort Plus Mint Floss

I never liked to floss as a child, and my dentist always reminded me as she cursed my cavity-ridden teeth (as she was drilling them to bits).. yikes, well back to the now.. Im an adult, and i floss more regularly – but not twice a day or anything.. and I use this floss because its not as uncomfortable as running twine through your teeth. This is almost like a very thin flat piece of material, it feels like the same stuff grocery store shopping bags are made of. plasticy thin but gets the junk out of your teeth. 3.35 at http://www.drugstore.com/

Cool Jewels – Ice Cube Diamonds

Does the shape of your ice really matter.. other than if its the same shape as the cup and blocks the flow of your drink, no. But if you are having a party, or guests over.. these are very fitting. Like an extra little touch that shows you care.. This little rubber ice tray makes jewel shaped ice cubes.. They look really cool in your cup.

Flossie’s Classic Funnel Cake Mix

I grew up going to Knotts berry farm (in california) at least twice a year, and they made the best funnel cakes.. Now that im out on the east coast, I can never find a funnel cake when I need one. I found this mix at a Cracker Barrel restaurant on the way home from a trip to Gettysburg. Just add water, mix and funnel it into some cooking oil. Topped with some confectioners sugar or a lil pat of strawberry jam. Delish. Crispy on the outside hot and spongy on the inside.. Batter fried goodness. 700 at http://www.flossiesfunnelcakes.com

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps – Almond Organic Liquid Soap

I found this years ago in California at Mothers Market. The package is a little wacky, has all sorts of jibberish on it, but no matter, the soap is awesome and will get almost any bad smell off of your hands. Its certified under the USDA National Organic Program, and also certified Fair Trade – so you can feel good about buying it – plus the almond scent, which is my favorite, just makes you feel happy. The scent is lasting even after you wash it off, and gives lots of suds with just a few drops. When i first bought it, it said 18 in 1, but you could probably do a lot more with it.

8.99 for 16 oz at http://www.drbronner.com/

Hollywood Fashion Tape – Red Carpet Assortment

A must for the office, I’ve kept a box on hand and have fixed everything from pant hems, in between button blouse exposure (for my bustier coworkers), and practically any other fabric failures. Its a super strong clear tape that holds onto two sides of fabric and doesnt let go. Much better than trying to tape it up with scotch tape.. Trust me, that looks bad. The red carpet version has an assortment of shapes and sizes. Nice!

The best ribeye – Johns Meat Market

Mike brought this home from NJ one day after working on the alarm system for one of the butchers at this meat market. He brought it home, cooked it up – HEAVEN.

The best damn piece of meat I’ve had at home. (and at most restaurants) he showed me the cut and it was beautiful, all marbelized and wonderful looking. We cooked it with a little salt and pepper and it honestly needed nothing else. This thing made me think, how could i eat a ribeye from anywhere else? Even the expensive stuff I buy at grand central market from time to time after work had nothing on this place. Good meat, reasonable prices. For all of you not lucky enough to live nearby, you can order online at http://www.johnsmarket.com/ – I havent tried anything else so far, but Im sure you will see it on here when i do.