Jones Soda Carbonated Candy

Its fizzy, it tastes like soda.. its in a cute little tin, its delicious! 2.95 at My favorite was a cherry flavored one, although they dont have it online – The orange cream is also great..

Method Flushable Cleaning Wipes – Eucalyptus Mint

I have a lot of hair, on the floor, in the sink, the tub.. pretty much everywhere. So when I wipe it up, i like to clean up too. I absolutely LOVE these flushable cleaning wipes – they clean up tubs, floor tiles, most countertops, and the scent is so fresh and clean smelling. Its a nice big minty wipe that cleans up a good amount of space, and the material is durable – so it doesnt break up as you are rubbing the dirt away! My favorite cleaning wipe – about $4 at Target or

Nivea Goodbye Cellulite

I got this as a full sized sample in my Sheckys Goodie bag, and what perfect timing.. Right before I left for our vacation in Punta Cana. Beaches, Pools.. bathing suits in front of all my fiances friends and family. While this will not get rid of extreme cellulite, the L-Carnitine helps minimize it. It smooths out mild dimples, makes your legs and buns look a lot younger. But remember, its only temporary, and once it washes off – your lil dimples will be back! I recommend this for people with mild cellulite – it really works.

Bliss Lid+Lash Wash

I want my eye makeup to come off with a little effort, and I dont want my eyes to burn, and I dont want to tug on my fragile little eyelids.. So I tried Bliss Lid + Lash Wash, and its wonderful! A cooling gel that takes my make up off with one or two swipes, and when I get it in my eyes (because you can’t avoid getting it in there) – it doesnt burn! With the hot summer months, you can even put it in the fridge for a nice extra cooling sensation.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

They call it colorstay, and this stays.. Almost too well! I finally found an eyeliner that will wear the entire workday, and even into the night without having to re-apply. I use the black, and the point always gives me a nice precise line that is very rich and dark. Even at the beach, or in the pool – this stuff does not come off or run. You should definitely buy a good eye makeup remover if you are going to wear this, its difficult to get it all off.. my recommendation on eye makeup remover follows this.

Reynolds Handi Vac Starter Kit

I love this thing, its a little handheld vacuum, that works with these special Reynolds bags.. Basically – you put the stuff in, seal the top, press the vacuum on a flat surface on the special one way vent, and suck the air out.. And it really gets all the air out! I tried it with coffee, and the initial seal was perfect, but once you get even a spec in the top seal, this thing is done.. Its better for veggies, meats, solid things (not granualar stuff). Available at your grocery store – (and its very reasonably priced too!)

Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist

This is exactly what you need at 2pm when lunch starts to settle and tireness ensues! Its a refreshing face mist that you spritz on that 1. Wakes you up, 2. Makes your skin feel all cool and refreshed.. I also use it first thing in the am when I’m trying to get myself off the bed and into the bathroom, its the little boost I need to get me up. $35 at

Pinkberry Original

The new trend in NY has been frozen yogurt shops, but its not a frozen yogurt like your typical Dairy Queen, or TCBY.. Its like actual yogurt tasting, frozen yogurt. I went to Pinkberry in the city and had an original topped with fresh strawberries. It was a beautiful thing. The yogurt was sweet and tart, and the strawberries were perfect, little cubes so you could get a mouthfull of both the yogurt and the strawberries. More refreshing than any other frozen yogurt Ive tried, except my california favorite – Humphry Bogarts Frozen Yogurt. Pinkberry is the same, without all the variety of toppings.. But they’ve got it right keeping it simple. Its delicious.

5 Napkin Burger

I thought I knew what burger love felt like until I tried the 5 napkin burger at the restaurant bearing its name.. I know now.
Its basically a gourmet, brilliantly simple burger that has so many familiar tastes that you normally don’t experience on a burger.. Aioli, and rosemary, delicately caremelized onions and a thick juicy hunk o meat.. after taking the picture of it – I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish, it was so good that I did anyway..cutting it into pieces with the huge knife they gave me.. Regardless of my stomach now stretching to uncomfortable levels, and the fact that I had to take a more spread out position in my chair, I wanted as much in my tummy as I could put in there. Yum yum.
Five Napkin Burger on 45th and 9th ave in Hells Kitchen.