FRS Energy Chews – Pomegranate

One of the girls at work introduced me to these little energy chews – she said she swears by them – they give her energy without any of the downers.. So ofcourse, off I go to GNC to score me a couple packs. I tried orange and pomagranite – both very good.. but the latter is my favorite. I will say that the taste is sort of unusual, but i like it more for how it makes me feel. Energized and a little amped.. Like 15 minutes after my 2nd cup of coffee in the morning. Good stuff, and only $12 for a pack


Mozilla Firefox – My favorite way to surf the web!

For all the years that I have been an internet junkie, Internet Explorer has been the way to get my fix. After about 4 system restores, a million virus scans, 3 disk defrags – and a plethora of curse words and violent fist pumps against the slowness of my web browser, I decided to try Mozilla Firefox. I read up and found that In 2008, compared Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer in their “Battle of the Browsers” in terms of performance, security, and features, Firefox won top honors. It also used less memory than other browsers – which means my computer was less likely to crap out at the slightest problem. I could get on facebook faster, and play games at speeds that were almost a little too fast- And it also helps that it is a much more secure!

While I am only somewhat tech savvy- I can tell you that within minutes of switching to Mozilla, I realized my internet life had been much improved. I can’t believe I didnt switch sooner.. I guess its sort of like people who still use aol. They dont realize that there are other options for internet exploring.. I hope if anyone reads this, that they give Mozilla Firefox a try. You will understand once you’ve done it. This will be one of my top favorite things this year.

Pentel Energel Pen .7mm

I am a pen freak. This is the only pen I use at work, and if you try to take it – I will walk around the office until I find it -that’s how good this pen is. I constantly get compliments when people borrow it in the office – “This is a nice pen”. Its so smooth, the ink never stops or gets clogged, it basically runs all the way until there is nothing left. Im a left hander, so I need a pen that dries quickly before my hand rolls over it – this is it, no smudges, and no ink blotts on the edge of my hand. Ive tried every gel pen that Staples and Office Depot carry, and this is BY FAR the best.

Moleskin Pocket Plain Notebook

If you’ve ever wanted to keep a journal, or a little notebook in your purse – my favorite is the Moleskin Pocket Plain Notebook Hardcover. Its the perfect place to jot down ideas, or notes, or poems. You get the idea.. Just writing in it makes you feel as important as some of its more notable users like Van Gogh or Matisse.. Its got a little elastic strap which holds the cover in place, and my favorite thing is the pocket which can hold little scraps of papers. Very handy!

Molton Brown – Relaxing Yuan Zhi bath & shower gel

Another Molton Brown product – this company might be onto something.. This is a nice calming scented body wash, perfect for people like me who like to have night showers. The Yuan Zhi promotes restfulness and relaxation, and its also got vanilla and ylang ylang.. Its a very tranquil smelling wash, sort of reminds me of a masculine lavender, the perfect night time scent.. I invokes thoughts of a warm bath under the stars. ahhh. or buy at Bath & Body Works $28.

Amika Flat Iron – My hair is straight!

My day of shopping has brought me closer to hair nirvana, with a new flat iron called – Amika. Its basically a 100% solid ceramic (not just a coated) flat iron that gets your hair straighter than any flat iron I have ever tried, and as a woman with kinky hair, I have tried them all!

Normally, I have to get a professional blow-out by someone who is an expert with the blowdryer, to get my hair really straight. Today, this girl in the mall got it straighter with two passes of the amika flat iron. I was ready to buy it before she even told me how much she was selling it for. $250 which is a rip-off, you can buy it online for about 110. I walked away paying 90, plus i get 2 years of free hair stylin’ at the kiosk at the mall. Nice, if you dont mind getting your hair done in front of millions of shoppers passing by. Check out more at

Best Gourmet Food Line – Robert Rothschild

Another trip to the Woodbridge Mall & Le Gourmet Chef has me brimming with goodies.. the first, more Robert Rothschild gourmet food & sauces.. I am telling you, this company cannot put out a product that I dont like. Their motto is to make products that you can “open and serve”, and their developers have the best palette because everything is blended perfectly. So many of their products have these unique flavor combinations that work perfectly together. One of their award winners, that I just tried today, was their Ginger Wasabi sauce, the candied ginger is sweet, with the spicy wasabi – its the perfect little kick in a very addictive sauce.. Perfect with pretzels, and also good on spring rolls! The next favorite is the Chocolate Dipping Pretzels, which I paired up with Strawberries and Cream dip. So good. The taste is not a strawberry flavor, its basically real strawberries and cream cheese with sugar, sweet and creamy and so very good. All of their dips and sauces are perfect for the host that wants to make her party more gourmet.. without too much effort. GO shopping for anything, and you will understand at