Amish Kefir

Mike has, once again, introduced me to something new. This time, Kefir.. its a thick yogurty drink – but it really tastes more “active” then yogurt.. Kind of sour, really a very very hard to explain taste. I was eating little spoonfuls trying to find the words for this post but I just couldnt place it. I want to say there is something that reminds me of some kind of popcorn that I’ve tried.. and I read its actually really good for your digestive system, better than yogurt. Which makes me smile, because Im definitely having this every day for the rest of my life.


LA Burger by Bobby Flay

yummy.. the secret of this burger is the avocado spread, it pairs so nicely with the spicy watercress.. for the spread: 1 avocado – chopped, 1/4 onion, 2 tbls chopped cilantro, 1/2 lime juiced, and 1/2 a jalepeno – chopped (take out the seeds).. mix it all up put it on your burger along with some watercress, and a thick tomato, and throw on some american cheese.. we put it on a whole wheat bun, (since this is the L.A. burger).. hee hee.

The Amish Market NYC

One of my coworkers, who I now have dubbed “Mama Rose”, has been showing me great little shops around work.. I’ve been working in this office in NYC for almost 4 years, and its only now that I am exploring the neighborhood. So today, she introduced me to The Amish Market.. and the produce at this place is awesome.. and so many good brands of healthy stuff. We went to the Murray Hill location, 240 E. 45th St., I found the BEST hummus here, and my fiance agrees and has told me to keep the house stocked with it (Review to come shortly, im sorry its late and Im tired). If you haven’t checked this place out – please do.. Cant wait to try some of their hot foods!

Nougat de Montelimar

french nougat, Suprem’ Nougat!.. of montelimar no less, is by far the most fantastic nougat I’ve tried.. To be classified as nougat de montelimar, it has to be made with lavender honey rather than sugar. This stuff has the lavender honey as the second ingredient, the first is almonds.. its packed. Lordy, the french know good nougat. Kinda pricey, but consider – the stuff is made in small little batches by two guys in a little plant in northern Provence. I found it another new favorite – the Amish Market of NYC.

Li-lac Chocolates

One of my coworkers doesn’t eat chocolate (what?!, i know – craziness) bad for her, but good for me.. so she regifted to me a little box of Li-lac chocolates (A local NY Chocolate company). It was a little bag of chocolate drops, simple – I thought.. but i never imagined they would be as good as they were.. smooth, like choco ribbons dancing on your tongue. Im considering putting some of these in favor bags for my wedding.. delishiooosoo

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil

I’ve been trying on wedding dresses – strapless ones that will show off my shoulders, but the problem is, I have this scar on my breastbone – ive had it for about 2 months, and I want it outta here before I walk down the aisle in August.. I started putting it on for a few days and already I’m noticing that its starting to get smaller. Ive got my fiance putting it on his head scar now.. Love it love it love it.. oh, and it smells good too. all buttery yummy goodness.