Luigis Dolceria

This Sunday, we had friends over and they brought us these really delicious cookie tray from Luigi’s Dolceria in Staten Island. My new favorite Chocolate Covered pretzel, is covered in mini reeses pieces. I just checked out their website, and it looks like Ive got a new Cannoli place to try out. (Thanks Stacy & Charles!!)


Boat Street Pickled Figs

Anything that is recommended by Gourmet magazine, is usually good. So
per their instructions I found some Boat Street Pickled Figs and
topped my vanilla ice cream with it. A very grown up taste, balsamic
vinegar red wine and figs, beautiful black mission figs. Also good
with cheese!
Not sure where my Cali friends can find it but it was $13 at Murrays

Red velvet cupcake cookies

Not sure which foodie mag recommended this one, but when I saw this
cute lol box in the Amish market I had to scoop em up!

They have a cupcake like taste baked into the small southern style
cookie, which has a crunchy consistency on the inside and a light
buttercream type sugar dusting on the outside. A bit expensive at over
6.99 but worth it as a once in awhile splurge.

Chicken Banh Mi – Boi Sandwich Shop, ny

Yesterday I tried my first Vietnamese sandwich from Boi Sandwich shop
(708 third ave.) the sandwich was very clean tasting, different from
anything I've had before – but very delicious.. It was made up of
chicken, avocado, pate, baby arugula, basil, and pickled carrot and
daikon (a type of radish) all this on a toasted baguette. While I
normally reserve these entries for things I really like alot, being
that this is my first Vietnamese sandwich, and I thought it tasted
good- I am writing it here. When I find one thats better, I'll remove
this post. Definitely something to try

Mochi Ice Cream – OMS rice ball cafe, NY

Today was a good day to try something new and luckily today I found OMS Rice Ball Cafe. I ordered the Mochi Gren tea ice cream (2 Pieces) and was handed 2 little plastic packages with little green balls inside. I thought that's a funny way to serve ice cream, but ofcourse I also liked it because its different.. So I bit into this thing, and without sounding dramatic, it was the best combination of flavors I've had in a month (and mind you this month I traveled to europe!), and I was also happily surprised by the fact that the green tea ice cream is wrapped in a thin layer of that sticky gelatinous rice mixture! Whodathunkit. That's all I can say.

Im going back for more tomorrow.