Indulgence by Berkshire (Blanket/Throws)

I have a Snuggie, a pink one – and I enjoy it. But it hasnt made it to the iTryiLike posts, why? Its not soft enough! But I say this because I have experienced the “Indulgence” blanket (from Bed Bath and Beyond).. I added these to my wedding registry, and luckily, I received more of these than I felt I needed at the time – but now, I feel you cant have too many of these blankets. They are super soft and cuddly, and long enough to cover you with some extra room for the toe tuck-under. I have 2 in the den, 1 in the bedroom, 1 in my craft room, and 1 in the closet. They get softer and softer after each wash.. The only thing that would make this blanket any better, would be to give it some sleeves!


Jolly Time – Mallow Magic

Oh my…. Goodness.. Just had my first bag of Jolly Times Marshmallow popcorn, somewhat cornily (pun intended) named Mallow Magic. Let me say, sweet, marshmallowy deliciousness. Addicting. Magical. Heaven. And unfortunately, there are only 2 bags per box, and the only place I’ve found to buy it is online.. ( – I plan on completely depleting their stock, so youd better get there faster then me!

yum yum.

I love shopping online. Proof: I’ve had my credit card compromised over 6 times!

So when I heard that there was a website that easily allows you to shop for all sorts of grocery and household items, with FREE SHIPPING, and an easy to use iPhone app, I thought – this is too good to be true.

I immediately bought 2 packages of Jolly Time popcorn, and some FiberOne bars – clicked submit, and 3 days later, a cute little box with the words Alice arrived at my doorstep!

the prices were comparable to my local grocery store, and they even sent me a free sample (a granola bar). I love free samples. and I looove

Searching For The Best Laundry Detergent – my first challenge…

I have officially issued a challenge to the makers of All/Surf, Cheer/Tide, Purex, Arm & Hammer, Gain and Seventh Generation, to find the best overall laundry detergent (powder and liquid!).

My opinions will be based on two things: overall cleaning ability, and fragrance. I will be washing towels and blankets to compare scents, and dirty cleaning rags to measure cleaning ability.

Wish me luck my friends, I’m about to embark on a very dirty journey!!


Republic of Tea – Coconut Cocoa Tea

I just discovered the Republic of Tea, and am so in love with their Herbal Coconut Cocoa tea, that I ended up giving out about 10 tea bags at work, thats how much I like it! Its a really cozy blend of coconut, and roasted carob, and is the first herbal tea that I think really gets the chocolate flavor right.. thank goodness there isnt any caffeine because Im on my 4th cup and I cannot stop drinking it. Without a little milk and sugar, most flavored teas are all aroma – but this one only needs a little sweetening, and no milk to be delicious.. But trust me, if you want to doll it up, it makes it ten times better.. the PERFECT dessert tea! $9.50 for 36 bags –

Green mountain coffee- Golden French Toast

One of my favorite seasonal flavored coffees is green mountains Golden
French Toast.. Whenever I make it at work people always comment how
the kitchen smells like French toast or waffles. It tastes maple
syrupy, and even has a bit of a bready taste. If you've got a keurig,
and you like flavored coffee then you'd better try this one before the
season is up!