5 Things You Need To Try

I know you’re all busy, so I’ll keep this brief. Here’s my list of 5 really AWESOME things that you must try. Now. Okay, you don’t have to go out and get it now, but I’m telling you,
you want to try them soon, because your life will be improved by a
small measure if you do. Ofcourse in my typical iTryiLike fashion, my
products are just about anything, except for fashion (I’m sorry I know
nothing about personal style).. So here it is:

Harvest Song Sour Cherry Preserve

Tart, bright delicious little sour cherry chunks in a sweet preserve, perfect paired with a good sheeps milk cheese. This will definitely impress your snobby cheese friends at your next party.

Kates Farm Fresh Butter From Maine

Purest creamiest butter ever. Put it on a really quality warm blueberry muffin and this will literally explode in your mouth. You will be dancing, it’s that good.

Pentel Energel Pen

Ok, so as you can see, I’m protecting my stash of pentel energel pens in a secret drawer. I won’t tell you the location- alright it’s in my office, but the door is locked so don’t even try it. So the pen is perfect, smooth flowing ink that doesn’t smudge and never stops flowing, until alas, the pen is empty. Genius.

Ciao Bella – Key Lime and Graham Cracker

The perfect mix of tart sweet lime and a fine Graham cracker dust mixed all throughout. It’s a delicious key lime gelato, refreshing and very true to the key lime pie.

And lastly, for all you super busy folks…


This is a life changing website for people who enjoy audiobooks.. I remember way back in the day when I had to shell out $30 bucks for books on tape, now I pay a subscription of $14.95 each month and get 1 book credit per month, and you can roll the credits forward. Perfect for moms who don’t have time to read, or commuters like me who spend all too much time going to work..

Alright, that’s all for now. Hope you try and like!



Next time you’re passing strangers…

My friend shared with me some good advice on connecting deeper with the world. Next time you pass a stranger, ask yourself ‘Where are they going?’. The answer isn’t important – it helps you to realize that everyone has a story, everyone has a life. Its such a simple concept – but we sometimes tend to see strangers as “extras” in our lives, rather than individuals in each of their own, when we realize that people are like us, we feel compassion for them. And i think that this world can use a little more compassion.

Buttery Sweet Dough – bakery emulsion

Every baker has a few tricks up their sleeve. I have about 4, so I
guess I can give this one away. Introducing my extra little kick of
butteriness, Buttery Sweet Dough bakery emulsion-by Lorann Oils. A
couple dabs'll do ya, I typically will mix it in with vanilla extract
for that extra touch.. It gives a very subtle buttery bread sweetness
to cakes, cookies, etc.. And there aren't many desserts that don't
taste better with a little butter (think Paula Deen, ya'all). Buy it
from www.kingarthurflour.com