Avon Planet Spa – African Shea Butter Hand and Cuticle Cream

There are a lot of lotions and hand cremes that smell good, but this product smells so good I’d like to squeeze the whole tube into my mouth.

Ok, I won’t do that, but you get what I’m saying, it smells good. Buttery and yeasty like baking sweet bread. It also leaves hands super soft and helps moisturize cuticles. I pray that Avon never gets rid of this product!


You exist!

You know how, after someone you know passes away, for the next few days/weeks/months you feel this deep connection to life? Why do we have to cycle in and out of a personal realization that we exist, only when people stop existing?

Embrace it as often as you can, say it to yourself every morning, make it your mantra “I exist!”

I think if we begin to accept both that we exist, and that one day we will not exist, we can become more appreciative, loving and live more fulfilling lives.

Caldrea Counter Spray

Special Guest Post – By Larissa Marantz

I HATE cleaning. Let me say that again. I HATE cleaning. However, I love having a fresh smelling and clean home. Obviously I have a bit of a predicament. Well… I’m working on getting a maid, but until that happens, I can have a fresh smelling home with my favorite new cleaning product. Caldrea’s Countertop Cleaner, Citron Ginger scented is keeping me quite content with it’s natural essential oils of grapefruit, ginger and basil. I actually look forward to cleaning off all the clutter and dishes from my counter so that I can wipe up my counters nice and shiny with this spray. I found a 16 oz. spray bottle at Target for under $6. Yes, it costs a little more than Windex or Method ( my other favorite cleaning product maker ) but the wonderful aroma of ginger and citrus lingers long after I’ve swiped my counter. In fact, I clean my counter before I go on an errand run, and when I come back, my house smells lovely. Ahhh. Fresh and clean. Well, fresh SMELLING anyway– just don’t look at my floors.

Larissa Marantz

5 Things You Need To Try

Butter Baked Goods: Rose Marshmallow

The only Marshmallow that is AS GOOD as my homemade recipe, Butter Baked Goods – Rose Marshmallows, get it at Dean and Deluca

Lightly flavored with Rose water, these fluffy heavenly squares are perfectly sweet and addictive!

Swingline PowerEase Stapler

If you staple anything during the day, do your poor hands a favor and get the Swingline PowerEase stapler. No more having to push with all your might trying to get a staple through thick sheets of paper, this handy little guy goes through up to 25 sheets of paper with 70% less force required compared to traditional staplers. I found it was much easier to use then the Staples Reduce Effort staplers, and doesnt have as much annoying snap-back. Its one of those office products that I would chain to my desk (if that didnt look so ugly) because my coworkers tend to get sneaky with other peoples stuff.

Contessa MicroSteam Garlic Chicken Penne

I cook, but not as often as I wish I could, because I actually enjoy it. I am all for easy to prepare dinners, but often this means you compromise on taste. So I went in trying Contessas Micro Steam meals with a little hesitation, not only is it a meal in a bag (like Bertolli’s) but it also is microwaveable, and it cooks right in the bag!

So this is the preparation: Take bag out of freezer, throw it in microwave for 6 minutes, open bag and dump onto plates and enjoy with husband.

Mmm. It was actually very good! We tried the Garlic Chicken Penne, and the asparagus pieces tasted fresh, the pasta sauce and mushrooms were perfectly cooked. The chicken was pretty good too. I give this high praise because in the end, you dont have to wash a skillet! Get a coupon for $1.50 off here

GeoDefense for iPhone

My next review is for all the lovers of iPhone users out there, for which I am one. And dont get me started on how much I love my iPhone! <3! I was addicted to Bejeweled for a good 4 months, until I found GeoDefense, a game about setting up laser shooting towers, and such, around a maze that these little alien pacmen travel down. Your goal is to stop them from getting to the end of the maze.

For each Alien you destroy, you gain $, which you can use to buy more lazers and gun towers.

The Aliens move at different speeds, and have different weaknesses, so you need to diversify your defense plan in order to succeed.

Fast paced, and frustratingly addictive. There is a free version available, so I’ll let you check it out for yourself.

Last but certainly not least…


I tried twitter for the first time about a year ago. I didn’t follow anyone, I just started tweeting all sorts of random useless rants about my commute, and about a week later, I decided – this sucks, and I stopped twittering.

I came back in February 2010 with the idea I would try it a little different the second go ’round. This time, I began following massive amounts of people – regular people like me, news sources, and people with similar interests in food, coupons etc..

After about a week, I realized I was hooked, and after a month, I realized this was a life changer. I was now a dedicated twitterer. I started connecting and making friends with people all around the world. Martha Stewart actually followed me, and I can remember dancing and jumping up and down, she is my favorite human.

After a month, I was more connected to what was happening in the world than most people I knew, and interestingly enough – I found that I was reading news sites and exploring the web much more in hopes that I could find something interesting to share with my followers (i call them “Fellowers” it sounds so much less imperialistic!).

Ultimately, everyone can benefit from twitter, whether you want to give to it, and take (as I do), or just give (like some celebs do, who dont follow anyone, just post about whatever it is that they are doing at the moment), or just take. There is something here for everyone, and thats why iLike it!

Until next time!

Leather Journal Barnes & Noble

Journals like this make your thoughts seem so much more important. This is my new Embossed Leather Journal that I bought from Barnes and Noble. Made in Italy, it has this beautiful pressed image of three woman who appear to be hanging out in the buff, just chillin’ or gossiping about something, I think. Inside, it holds a paper journal that can be changed (which is awesome) so I can use it forever and ever!

Mine currently holds my lists of things I am going try, which is a very long list, built every week during my lengthy visits with stacks of magazines at B&Ns cafe! Edged in gold trim and wrapped in some sort of thick fabric ribbon, its very sturdy feeling, and will probably age very beautifully.


It might be the ugliest thing in my office, but it definitely smells the best. Meet Scentball, my superpowered customizeable airfreshening machine!

Better than any plug in fragrance diffuser I’ve tried, basically you put a few drops of scented oil on this felt type rectangle and plug it in. The fabric gets warm and releases the scent all day long. It’s good for small spaces like bathrooms or my office 😦

I recommend Bath & Body works or The Body Shop for great scented oils.

Buy it at http://www.amazon.com/Earth-Solutions-Scent-Ball-Plug/dp/B000Z96YF6

Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut

If you’re into flavored coffees, then add this to your list of varieties to try: Green Mountain Limited Edition Island Coconut flavored coffee. Shown here in keurig kcup -which is my favorite way to brew coffee, because it’s effortless!
This coconut is a very true tasting coconut, to me, not at all overly sweet or suntannishly fake. It’s aroma is much stronger than it’s flavor which is a mild coconuttiness. Pure delicious!
Get it at Green Mountain Coffee

Rice to Riches

I love rice pudding. To me it’s the perfect dessert. Creamy, sweet, chunky. All important qualities in a dessert. I yelp’d best NYC rice pudding and Rice to Riches was the result. So I swaggered over after work, just melting at the idea that rice pudding would soon be in my mouth. What I found at Rice to Riches, was a super hip and futuristic looking shop, with funky little sayings and rice-related stuff plastered on the walls. I sampled the traditional and the vanilla, both delicious but the vanilla was much richer so that’s what I went with. Ok, enough of that- to the review: Delicious, creamy with lovely large soft chewy rice! Yum. If you walk in and the place is packed – the back of the store has small pre-packaged sizes, pick one up and skip the line!

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme

I abhor dry feet. In fact, I’d rather run my nails down a chalk board then have really dry feet. Actually my obsessive moisturization also applies to my hands and lips, so I’m a freak for good lipbalm and hand creme.
I like burt’s bees coconut foot creme, because it’s not a cream at all, more of an emollient balm. It’s made of mostly oils – coconut, olive, oat and rosemary leaf, it’s a little on the greasy side, but it soaks in once you let your feet marinate in a pair of socks. Leaves your feet baby bun soft.

Momma Alias Spicy Hommus

I can’t understand why hummus tastes so good, considering how simple it is. Maybe that’s the beauty of it? This particular hummus, which I found at the Amish Market in NYC, has only 8 ingredients. It is this beautiful spicy mix of hearty hummus, and spicy peppers. Perfect with crisps. On the hotter side, and at times you feel the heat, but it’s so good you’ll look forward to the burn!