Rice to Riches

I love rice pudding. To me it’s the perfect dessert. Creamy, sweet, chunky. All important qualities in a dessert. I yelp’d best NYC rice pudding and Rice to Riches was the result. So I swaggered over after work, just melting at the idea that rice pudding would soon be in my mouth. What I found at Rice to Riches, was a super hip and futuristic looking shop, with funky little sayings and rice-related stuff plastered on the walls. I sampled the traditional and the vanilla, both delicious but the vanilla was much richer so that’s what I went with. Ok, enough of that- to the review: Delicious, creamy with lovely large soft chewy rice! Yum. If you walk in and the place is packed – the back of the store has small pre-packaged sizes, pick one up and skip the line!


Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme

I abhor dry feet. In fact, I’d rather run my nails down a chalk board then have really dry feet. Actually my obsessive moisturization also applies to my hands and lips, so I’m a freak for good lipbalm and hand creme.
I like burt’s bees coconut foot creme, because it’s not a cream at all, more of an emollient balm. It’s made of mostly oils – coconut, olive, oat and rosemary leaf, it’s a little on the greasy side, but it soaks in once you let your feet marinate in a pair of socks. Leaves your feet baby bun soft.

Momma Alias Spicy Hommus

I can’t understand why hummus tastes so good, considering how simple it is. Maybe that’s the beauty of it? This particular hummus, which I found at the Amish Market in NYC, has only 8 ingredients. It is this beautiful spicy mix of hearty hummus, and spicy peppers. Perfect with crisps. On the hotter side, and at times you feel the heat, but it’s so good you’ll look forward to the burn!