Tous Le Jours – Whipped Cream Pan Bread – eat the whole loaf, then wallow in guilt.

Bread is good. Good bread is GREAT. Tous le Jours Whipped cream pan bread is to die for. I eat it, usually by the loaf, with all its beautiful whipped cream butter between the slices goodness, and feel like Ive died and gone to French-Asian bready heaven. Its sweet, buttery, If you are lucky enough to have one of the Tous Le Jours bakeries in your hood (California, Texas, Georgia, Massachusetts or New Jersey!), make sure to stop by and pick up a loaf. Then bring it to your room, turn off the lights and devour it like calories no longer exist.

my lil loaf of love


Merlins Magic Sleep Suit

My son loves to flail his arms around in his sleep. Ive tried swaddles, sleep sacks, holding his arms down while I hover above him trying to lull him back into sleep. I picked up the Merlins Magic Sleep Suit with hope, that this one device would allow me to walk away from him without worrying that he would flail himself awake once again.

This thing is the bomb.

Yesterday, we watched Resident Evil, while Ethan laid asleep in his suit. It was the first time he actually didnt wake up during the movie. The first movie my husband and I were able to enjoy all the way through (in 3 months!). Thats worth cash money.

The thing looks like a huge bunting, but the magic is in the construction – its built to make the baby feel like hes being held, which is exactly how my son likes to fall asleep. $69.95 online for two http://www.magicsleepsuit.comImage

Sleep as Android app – the swiss army knife of alarm clock/sleep tracking apps

I dont wake up for alarms. My sleeping body is too clever. I once kept my alarm clock across the room tucked under my desk behind a chair. Within days I had figured a way to turn it off in my sleep.
I recently began using this app on a recommendation from my nephew- and I can say its one of the smartest little multifunction alarm clock and sleep tracking apps I’ve seen. Not only does it track your movement, through your phones accelerometer (to see when you are sleeping), but you can also set it to wake you at an “ideal” time when your body has completed a sleep cycle. Not sure how it figures this – but its cool. You wake more refreshed. And for all of you that need an alarm that is smarter than the morning you, there are tests you can make the alarm ask you (to get your morning brain working) in order to turn off the alarm. Like simple math. I dont know about you, but once my brain is thinking about multiplication tables – I’m up.


Honest Diapers

All diapers should be this cute on the outside, since they’re so ugly on the inside 😉

These little beauts are Honest Diapers. Cute little eco friendly diaps, from Celebrimom Jessica Alba. My son, Ethan loves em. And his buns get all sorts of attention when he wears them, but they arent just cute – made from plant based materials and good for the environment stuff – you can feel good as everyone is oohing and ahhing over your babies cute little behind.

You can sign up for a free trial at



Cafe Du Monde – Chicory Coffee

I’ve been away awhile. I was pregnant. Thats a good excuse, right. But now that the babys here, I can once again drink coffee. And thank goodness a friend of mine introduced me to Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory. Its a dark roast coffee blended with roasted chicory, and sold in New Orleans at a place called, you guessed it (Cafe Du Monde) they are also famous for their Beignets (which go great with the coffee). If you like a dark coffee, with a smoky roasted taste – you should try this coffee. Its not for everyone, I think you either love it or hate it. Finding it is difficult, but you can buy online at Amazon, or a lot of Asian Stores carry it (as it is pretty popular in the Vietnamese community). About $7.00 online.

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