Snacks I’m digging right now…

I like snacks.
I’m like a snackaficionado. Just made that up but it works. This week the snacks I have at the ready are Kind bars: Almond Cashew with Flax, and Funky Monkey: Jive a Lime (pineapple lime).


So delicious that I could only get a pic of the wrapper

We’ll start with The Kind bars.. If you are a nut person and enjoy almonds and macadamias. Then you will want to try these. You will want to try 10 of them in one sitting but dont. It’s like a blend of nuts glued together with a little bit of dates and honey. Magic. It makes my commute enjoyable (and I ride NJ transit so..that’s saying something)
Now on to the Funky Monkeys. Whoever thought of this name, they should be fired. But if that person also invented the jivealime, hire them back and promote them. So good. Crunchy dehydrated pineapple pieces, soaked in lime juice. No sugar. I could eat these until my mouth was raw and bloody. (I have in fact).


You'll feel like your stealing your toddlers Capri sun with this package. But it's worth it.

Two little gems available at your local grocery store. Enjoy.


Hello Fresh – super easy recipes shipped to your front door.

This week im obsessed with HelloFresh, they put all the ingredients for 3 meals in one box and ship it to you weekly, and you prep and cook up 3 delicious meals a week. Nothing is precooked for you and theres no waste. If an item calls for soy sauce, they include just the amount you need. Awesome. I’m cooking up stuff I’ve never thought I would. Bok Choy? Ya I’ve done that. Ratatouille – you know it! It sort of forces you to try new things in the kitchen. Hello Fresh about $69/week. $20 off if you want a referral. Let me know!

International Delight – Vanilla Heat

20131112_181821These people at International Delight, they are innovators. Coffee innovators. Today I tried one of their newest flavors, Vanilla Heat. Its vanilla, its spicy, its a perfect way to get your face all heated up on a bitter cold morning. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this? I want it every morning. In every cup of coffee I make. This is big.

Paper Passion – the perfume than smells like a good book

Im obsessed with Geza Schoen. As far as perfumes hes created, Im always a fan. But he really got me with this scent Paper Passion which smells like the pages of an old leatherbound book. Im not going to try to describe it because ill do it no justice, but if you inhale deeply every time you walk into the library, or barnes and noble (minus the coffee).. then you know what I mean.



Corn desserts I’m obsessed with..



I cant figure it out. Why does everyone think corn in a dessert form is weird? In my opinion, corn is the dessert of the future. Mark my words people, it hasn’t gone mainstream – but one day America will realize its dessert potential. So the object of my affection this week is these two frozen stunners – Filipino brand Magnolia ice creams Mais Queso (corn and cheese) ice cream, and Korean Gugen Sweet corn ice bars. Both with chunks of sweet corn kernely goodness that stick in your teeth and taste suprisingly right in this form. Pick em up at your local asian mart, where corn desserts are perfectly acceptable- not weird.

Chobani Almond Coco Loco Flips

Have you ever tasted something that was so good, it made you want to buy an extra refrigerator just so you could fill it up with that one thing? Oh? You’re not an obsessive worrier that your favorite product will suddenly stop being made the moment you discover it? I guess thats just me. If you like coconut, then I assume you will loooove this yogurt. Its coconut, almonds and chocolate nibs. Its a perfect combination of all these wonderful things. And im not even all that big on yogurt. Get some, or dont – more for me.yogurt

Flava – its all the stuff you dont want on facebook

Its like a private diary, facebook style. Finally. A place I can post all the stuff thats not exciting enough for facebook, but will be reflective and meaningful to me later. The world doesnt need to know what I am eating for lunch, but I like seeing it, so heres where im putting it. My content just got more relevant.

Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead – finished reading, now lighting my bra on fire.

I have a girl crush on Sheryl Sandberg. She has been the topic of conversation for the last few weeks in my office in response to her new book – Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. I have never considered myself a feminist, I’ve always felt that women’s issues were sort of moot. We can vote, we have the same rights, what more do we have to fight for? A lot. While women are graduating in larger numbers than men, we are not reaching the C-suite, and upper level management in a similar fashion – and we are all suffering for it. Her book focuses on some of the issues she feels are holding women back, and its the source of much controversy – that the number one barrier is you. The woman in the mirror. Take a look ladies, see a fraud? Its called Imposter Syndrome and its refreshing to know that someone with as many accolades and accomplishments as Sandberg has under her belt, still has felt as if she has faked it to get where she is. Obviously, she hasn’t –

with two degrees from Harvard, and named one of Fortune magazines 50 most powerful women in business – she is far from a faker. But she explores her own insecurities, and explains that these things can at times hold women back in pursuing their career ambitions. Along with motherhood, and our drives to raise a family, women tend to prepare for kids by leaning back at their job, when they really should be leaning in. It also talks about the double standards that women face in the workplace, when a level of assertiveness from a man would be seen as a sign of success

ful leadership, coming from a women can be seen as the opposite. The book has changed my life and I have been vocal about getting other women to read it. Men too, if they have women that they care about, can glean some knowledge from this book. The business world will eventually begin to reap the benefits, once more women start leaning in.