Hi! I’m Yvette. Thanks for visiting my little site.
I’ve always had a passion for new things, and one of my favorite things in the world is sharing. Yep, sharing is caring. If I like something, I become a walking commercial – Did you try this restaurant, have you watched this movie? Etc. etc. I believe if you could give someone the gift of enjoying something, that could be a gift that lasts a lifetime. My goal, is to be able to find and write about every single favorite of every single product that I try on a day to day basis.
Alright, so that goal might be a bit lofty – but I’ve always thought you should shoot for the stars.
Ultimately, I write knowing that I should have a niche.. You can’t write an entry about Butter, then do another on an iPhone app. Well why the heck not? I say. If you come here and see that Pentel Energel pens are awesome, and you go out and buy one, you will be happier. So why do I have to just talk about my favorite technology, or my favorite foods? Each one can make you a little happier when you enjoy using it, am I wrong?
No. I’m right.
So I throw in an inspiring story every once in awhile, my blog is a mashup of just about everything except for clothes and shoes (which I really dont have any kind of opinion about) my hopes is that you might check in from time to time to get a few bite size recommendations of things that you use (or should be using) everyday.
So, I hope you like what you see.. and if you want me to try something – just shoot me an email at yvette@itryilike.com and I’ll let you know what I think!
Lots of Likes,



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