MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Peanut Spread – My new addiction





I eat this stuff by the spoon. Big spoon. So good. Its not Nutella. Its like Easter when you’d dip your hollow chocolate bunny into the jar of Peanut Butter, but better.. Oilier than regular peanut butter, sweet but not sugary, and really chocolatey. Id like to dunk my head in, if I could.

My only problem is I cant find it anywhere. Got it as a gift from hubby, and he cant remember. All I have left is this picture and my memories. Ughz.
Maranatha Dark Chocolate


Kashi Cocoa Beach

I love Kashi, so I picked up a box of Cocoa Beach.. A coconut, cocoa and almond granola cereal. Yummy. The cocoa isnt sweet, its actually more savory.. and rich.. and it goes really well with the granola. The coconut is completely tasteless.. its almost like its not even there – even though there is plenty of it. One of my new favorite granolas.. Especially tasty on a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Li-lac Chocolates

One of my coworkers doesn’t eat chocolate (what?!, i know – craziness) bad for her, but good for me.. so she regifted to me a little box of Li-lac chocolates (A local NY Chocolate company). It was a little bag of chocolate drops, simple – I thought.. but i never imagined they would be as good as they were.. smooth, like choco ribbons dancing on your tongue. Im considering putting some of these in favor bags for my wedding.. delishiooosoo

Ibarra Drinking Chocolate

Drinking chocolate is an art.. And its been a work in progress since Spain began preparing cacao in drinking form in the seventeenth century.

Ibarra is a delicious blend of cocoa, and cinnamon, and coarse sugar in little paper wrapped discs that you chop up and mix into boiled milk. Its slightly spicy, and the chocolate has a very nice sweet taste that is very sippable. Not at all like your powdered milk packettes, when you boil the milk and add this in, you have to really work the chocolate in – and even then you get these nice chocolate pieces that make it a little chunky (which is how i like it). Perfect for something different to end the night. You can buy it for $4.25 at

Cru di Cacao – Venchi

I am a lover of fine chocolates.. and this by far is my favorite of the dark chocolates – these little chocolates are nice and small, wrapped in a beautiful gold wrap – perfect for just a little bite of chocolate to get you past a craving. They come in 85% 75% and 60%, my favorite is the 60% – because eventhough the cocoa concentration is lower, the sweetness is very mild and fudgey.. not like your typical hershey dark chocolate flavor

Poco Dolce Bittersweet Tiles with Seasalt

Poco Dolce – Bittersweet Tiles w/Seasalt

These were recommended by Domino Magazine, so i went online and bought a sampler box for 44.. The store is in San Francisco, so after a week or so, my package arrived.. I had these in the office, and my boss who always picks at my chocolates was very complimentary of these.. My opinion: By far the best mix of ingredients with chocolate.. The sea salt is perfectly balanced against the sweet of the chocolate, and the slightly burnt taste of caramel.. The aztec chili is a nutty blend of pistachio and a spicy chili. along with the sea salt, i could eat these all night..

Though not cheap.. these by far are my favorite chocolates in the mixed ingredients category..