Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie

I’ve been experimenting with deep conditioners and I really like Carols Daughter, Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie. The consistency is very thick, and it really holds onto the hair when you put it on in the shower. End result is much softer, more hydrated hair. Less brittle and dry! One thing I will say about Carols daughter is that some of their products are a little funky smelling, like African incense- but this one is much milder, like a light vanilla extract, and I really feel the difference in the overall health of my hair.


Goody Spin Pin

What a clever little hair pin! It’s surprisingly easy to put it in and take it out of hair, and two of them will gather a full shoulder length head of hair into an up-do! I have really thick African hair (you can’t pull your fingers through) so I was sort of shocked when I was able to get this thing OUT of my hair. The twisty action manages to grab so many bits of your hair that you only need two to hold even a longer head of hair twirled up into a bun.
It’s sort of magical in it’s simplicity!

Curl-ease Towel

In my hair re-discovery, I have learned many things. The most important thing I’ve found in maintaining a curly head, seems to be what you do to it right out of the shower. I saw the Curl-Ease towel, and figured Id give it a try – it is super absorbent, and nice and thin, long enough to make a cute little turban with ease. The real beauty is in the fabric – it doesn’t frizz or pull apart any of my fragile ringlets, so when my hair is dry, it still keeps its curly definition. $19.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond or at

Miss Jessies Curly Buttercreme

Oh goodness, I love this stuff for my kinky curly ‘do. Be forewarned – its thick, its minty, and probably would make a straight haired head look like it was covered in an oil slick. This stuff is like curl makin’ magic on my hair – right out of the shower, I smooth it on, and put my hair in my special curly hair head wrap (review to come), and I sit back and enjoy the cool winterfresh feeling on my scalp. AWESOME for this ridiculous NY heat. And the jar, huge.. It’ll take me at least 8 months to get through it – woopie!


Before I start telling you about all the fabulous products Im loving on my hair, I thought I’d rave a bit about co-washing or Conditioner Washing. First, about me – Im half black, half filipino with very course kinky hair. For years I have relaxed, straightened and chemically ravaged my hair. Recently, on a vacation to Bermuda, I decided I had had it with doing my hair. (I have sometimes gotten so frustrated with my tangly frizz that I have contemplated shaving it off – but my husband has told me he would be very unhappy if I did this)

SO I started reading curly hair and african hair websites to see what others in my situation were doing about their hair, and I found the method of cowashing, which basically means washing your hair with conditioner rather than shampoo. The first day, I noticed my hair was much softer, my curls were a little more defined, less frizz.. Day 2 my curls were noticeable even when I pulled my hair back, softer and less fried feeling. I continued co-washing daily until about day 5, when I shampood (To help remove all the conditioner build up).

Not for everyone, especially if your hair is oily, but definitely worth a try for those with dry or damaged hair (if only maybe every other wash)

Ouidad Double Detangler Comb

Recently, I decided to start wearing my hair natural. (Not relaxing, or straightening my hair with irons/blow dryers) – This was after I discovered co-washing or “conditioner-washing” where you use a conditioner rather than shampoo to clean your hair.. The next few posts will be all about my hair rediscovery.. After 1 week of wearing my hair natural, I realized the importance of a good comb, one with thick enough teeth that are far enough apart. Without a good comb to get through your tangles, 1 week of co-washing would end up leaving my hair in massive tangles. So what kind of magic does this $24 comb bring to the table, you ask? Its weight! Its a heavy little guy, and the weight is what helps make it easier to get through your tangly mess of hair. It takes a little bit of the work out of it. Also, another plus is the two rows of teeth are far enough apart that you can pull all the hair out of it with 1 quick swipe of your finger. Beautiful!

Amika Flat Iron – My hair is straight!

My day of shopping has brought me closer to hair nirvana, with a new flat iron called – Amika. Its basically a 100% solid ceramic (not just a coated) flat iron that gets your hair straighter than any flat iron I have ever tried, and as a woman with kinky hair, I have tried them all!

Normally, I have to get a professional blow-out by someone who is an expert with the blowdryer, to get my hair really straight. Today, this girl in the mall got it straighter with two passes of the amika flat iron. I was ready to buy it before she even told me how much she was selling it for. $250 which is a rip-off, you can buy it online for about 110. I walked away paying 90, plus i get 2 years of free hair stylin’ at the kiosk at the mall. Nice, if you dont mind getting your hair done in front of millions of shoppers passing by. Check out more at

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment

This stuff is great, although the smell isnt that great (kind of like coffee – which isnt right in your hair) It works great.. I used it once as a leave in, but its a little too heavy/greasy for that.. Instead I use it as a deep conditioner.. Put it in while you are doing something around the house, then wash it off about 30 minutes later – and youll have a head full of nice soft, conditioned hair.
$55 for 5oz at Sephora

Frizz Ease Original Hair Serum

Ofcourse you know about this product if you have Frizzy hair. You put it on wet hair after the shower, and it dries less frizzy. It also glossifies your hair, makes it shiny, but doesnt grease it up. I put it on, then blow dry and flat iron it out and my hair feels very soft. It doesnt wear my hair down at all, but when it gets humid, I end up putting my thermal wax on the ends to keep my hair from completly fuzzing up. but I use this first. The nice thing about this is it manages the frizz without making your hair so heavy and oily that it ends up looking dirty. The shampoo and conditioner from John Freida is also good.. but not moisturizing enough for my thick/dry hair.

Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Zero-Humidity Frizz Control

I bought this because it seemed like the perfect solution for NYC weather. Heat (hot hot) heat, and humidity.. Anything that can lessen my fro when it gets as humid as ny does would be a blessing. I really like this product, it smells incredible and the scent really lasts but more importantly it smooths my hair out.. Mind you, you’d better have a nice blow out before you put this on – it doesn’t do everything, but it does keep your hair in check without making it heavy or weighed down.. I use it when we get into the rainy months as well and when there is a ton of moisture in the air this keeps my hair in unfrizzified shape. Worth the cost $22 at