Hollywood Fashion Tape – Red Carpet Assortment

A must for the office, I’ve kept a box on hand and have fixed everything from pant hems, in between button blouse exposure (for my bustier coworkers), and practically any other fabric failures. Its a super strong clear tape that holds onto two sides of fabric and doesnt let go. Much better than trying to tape it up with scotch tape.. Trust me, that looks bad. The red carpet version has an assortment of shapes and sizes. Nice!

Havaianas Flip Flops

These are simply, a very good rubber flip flop. They come in every color and pattern you could possibly imagine, and they are only 16.00 – the rubber starts out very cushiony, but my pair that I had sitting in a pile of shoes for a year isnt as cushiony as when i bought it.. or maybe i just imagined they were cushiony-er? Dunno, but they are still holding up and ready for the dominican republic trip we’re taking in a month!