FRS Energy Chews – Pomegranate

One of the girls at work introduced me to these little energy chews – she said she swears by them – they give her energy without any of the downers.. So ofcourse, off I go to GNC to score me a couple packs. I tried orange and pomagranite – both very good.. but the latter is my favorite. I will say that the taste is sort of unusual, but i like it more for how it makes me feel. Energized and a little amped.. Like 15 minutes after my 2nd cup of coffee in the morning. Good stuff, and only $12 for a pack


Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist

This is exactly what you need at 2pm when lunch starts to settle and tireness ensues! Its a refreshing face mist that you spritz on that 1. Wakes you up, 2. Makes your skin feel all cool and refreshed.. I also use it first thing in the am when I’m trying to get myself off the bed and into the bathroom, its the little boost I need to get me up. $35 at