Red Rose Sweet Temptation Teas

They are already sweet (stevia). Tastes like baked goods, throw in some milk and you’re set. Seriously set. I bought the whole shelf.


Nando’s Peri Peri Sauce

If you’re looking for a unique hot sauce, here you go. It’s made with African Birds Eye chili, lemon and spices, but to me it’s not lemony.. it’s sort of indescribable – perfect on fries, or a burger, or eggs, or.. really anything you’d salt. Not terribly spicy – the perfect amount of vinegar to spice and the lemon puts it over the top.

Sort of hard to find but if you see it – pick one up!!

Dulces Locos – Its like pocket horchata

If you’re like me, you need horchata more than you’re able to have it. The rare time you see the agua frescas sign or the percolating white box of the good stuff at the counter of any good Mexican food place, is like pure excitement.. When I saw these horchata flavored candies I was initially pretty skeptical, I wasn’t sure if it was like a caramel or licorice consistency.. or if the flavor would be any good.

They were spot on horchata, like I used to get in my fav Santa Ana taqueria, and chewy like Australian licorice. Going back to Bed Bath & Beyond to stock up, because I doubt I will ever be lucky enough to run across these again.

La Croix – Youre drinking it wrong…

You’ve probably heard or at least seen La Croix sparkling water, it’s the one with all the crazy flavors and colorful cans, but if you are a La Croix addict, like I have recently become, then you are probably drinking them cold right out of the fridge. I’m here to tell you – You’re doing it wrong! Let the can rest 15 minutes from the fridge and I guarantee you will enjoy the flavor much more. Enjoy my fellow La Croix addicts

La Croix – let it rest!

Cado – Avocado Frozen Dessert

And you thought avocado was only for guacamole? It actually makes an awesome dessert! I’ve been dairy free for the last month while breastfeeding my daughter who seems to be sensitive to milk.. Milk is incredibly difficult to cut out of your diet especially if you are addicted to dessert like I am. So thankfully I came across this tasty little pint while shopping last week at Wegmans. It’s creamy, and tastes nothing like avocado. It has a bit harder consistency than ice cream but after a short thaw its close enough. 

Kelloggs Nourish Coconut Cranberry Almond

I’m really loving this cereal right now – it’s one of those great blends of slightly sweet crunchy wholesome cereals that’s perfect with a bit of almond milk. It’s got flakes, grains, almond slivers and coconut flakes along with these little crunchy pieces that sort of remind me of the fiber one bits.. hits the spit especially when I need something sweet but not overly so for my evening snack.

Jeni’s Ice Cream – Sweet Cream Biscuits and Peach Jam

First off the ice cream in this is a buttermilk ice cream and it’s ridiculous. delicious . The consistency of the ice cream with the sweet cream biscuits is sort of grainy, like the biscuits are chopped up and blended in little bits throughout (rather than getting big chunks) and the peach jam is nice and sweet and adds a nice touch to the biscuits. Legit. A bit of a splurge but worth the $12 for a pint for when you want to indulge a bit.

Cold Brew Coffee

Just tried Nitro Coffee this weekend and I am hooked. I am especially impressed by Califia Brand Nitro Cold Brew – New Orleans style which reminds me of Cafe Du Monde chicory coffee, except for the addition of Califia Almond milk and Nitro’d. It’s got a consistency that is similar to Guiness and is actually produced in a similar way.. however they do it it’s delicious.. the micro foam is sweet and thick and very satisfying. I woke up early just to try it.. A bit on the expensive side at $5 a can. but in my opinion, worth it.