May Designs – Custom Paper Goods

Loving my custom notebooks from May designs. Perfect for anyone who likes their notes to be surrounded by beautiful prints textures and their name or monogram. It makes work feel so much more luxurious.. You can also customize how the inside is printed: whether it’s lined pages, blank, or even with a handy agenda.. perfection.

Jeni’s Ice Cream – Sweet Cream Biscuits and Peach Jam

First off the ice cream in this is a buttermilk ice cream and it’s ridiculous. delicious . The consistency of the ice cream with the sweet cream biscuits is sort of grainy, like the biscuits are chopped up and blended in little bits throughout (rather than getting big chunks) and the peach jam is nice and sweet and adds a nice touch to the biscuits. Legit. A bit of a splurge but worth the $12 for a pint for when you want to indulge a bit.

Cold Brew Coffee

Just tried Nitro Coffee this weekend and I am hooked. I am especially impressed by Califia Brand Nitro Cold Brew – New Orleans style which reminds me of Cafe Du Monde chicory coffee, except for the addition of Califia Almond milk and Nitro’d. It’s got a consistency that is similar to Guiness and is actually produced in a similar way.. however they do it it’s delicious.. the micro foam is sweet and thick and very satisfying. I woke up early just to try it.. A bit on the expensive side at $5 a can. but in my opinion, worth it.

Jus by Julie – my first juice cleanse..

day 1. juices were delicious.. my favorite was the island coconut and chia berry.. lots of green things that weren’t too bad either, but definitely healthy. Overall I am craving meat and bread and basically anything I need to use my teeth on. I get 6 drinks per day which is enough to satisfy but I am definitely hungry.. well no one said doing a cleanse was supposed to be easy.

Day 2. juices still taste good but my mouth waters at the mention, smell or sight of any food. I may have to go to bed early so I don’t cheat.I made my son his chicken nuggets for dinner and took one long delicious and tortuous whiff. I didn’t falter. stayed strong.

Day 3 -6 I’ll summarize, cuz that’s what I do on this blog.. keep it short and sweet. I craved carbs and fats for the last 3 days but I was able to get through it all by going to bed early and not watching any tv. I woke up on day 7 and was able to see so much clearer that it was a little shocking. I felt good. clean. lighter on my feet. Definitely a good annual to do for me going forward. will do it again with Jus by Julie or maybe will give Blueprint a try.. kyp

Todays Obsession: Uber Eats


It was delish

Uber Eats is the best thing to happen to my lunch break. Ever. I’ve used Uber a total of 3 times. The first was to summon the Game of Thrones throne, second was for a ride downtown, and third was for some ridiculously deliciously indian food from Soho Tiffin Junction. Im now an uber convert.

The whole thing works like this: The uber app has a ubereats menu tab (in select locations like NYC), each day they have a menu of a few items from famous food places around the city. You click and order and in a few minutes you are meeting said food outside from a delivery person. My food arrived in 8 minutes. It was hot. I didnt have to go to soho. In fact I didnt even have to take 5 steps out of our office doors. Huge.

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