Jus by Julie – my first juice cleanse..

day 1. juices were delicious.. my favorite was the island coconut and chia berry.. lots of green things that weren’t too bad either, but definitely healthy. Overall I am craving meat and bread and basically anything I need to use my teeth on. I get 6 drinks per day which is enough to satisfy but I am definitely hungry.. well no one said doing a cleanse was supposed to be easy.

Day 2. juices still taste good but my mouth waters at the mention, smell or sight of any food. I may have to go to bed early so I don’t cheat.I made my son his chicken nuggets for dinner and took one long delicious and tortuous whiff. I didn’t falter. stayed strong.

Day 3 -6 I’ll summarize, cuz that’s what I do on this blog.. keep it short and sweet. I craved carbs and fats for the last 3 days but I was able to get through it all by going to bed early and not watching any tv. I woke up on day 7 and was able to see so much clearer that it was a little shocking. I felt good. clean. lighter on my feet. Definitely a good annual to do for me going forward. will do it again with Jus by Julie or maybe will give Blueprint a try.. kyp


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