My favorite phone – The HTC TyTN II

While im not sure why phones these days have such sily names, I am sure that my htc tytn murders all those other silly phones and so I could care less about the name. Eventhough I am a bit bitter that I bought this from a store in the uk before the phone was released here and paid full price, I could not be happier.. This is by far the best windows mobile device I’ve used..
For starters it has every app you could ever need and then some.. Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, calendar and contacts, gps tracking software (mine came with tomtom but I think us versions come with another 3rd party software), mail application that actually allows you to see your mail as it was meant to be seen (with pictures) – previous versions only allowed you to see mail in plain text format..
While the overall look is also much improved thanks to the windows mobile operating system.. The results is a better looking home screen, more customization, less freezing up.. And thanks to htc I have enough memory to load my phone up with al sorts of fun applications like sudoku.. And agenda fusion, etc.. An even sweeter bonus is the phone is already set to print to a bluetooth printer, which I just so happen to have! Awesome!
Overall, I know this phone is probably too much for most people I know.. But im telling you, this is the way of the future people.. Your phones should do so much more.. And they do, this does.. With the iphone out im sure these types of devices will get more popular with the masses.. But until then, I guess I am still one of the few..


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