Marvis toothpaste

Brushing your teeth should be something you look forward to. Marvis has such a different and actually pleasant taste that brushing is a lil bit more exciting. Marvis toothpaste comes in original classic mint, aquatic mint (my #1) and jasmin mint (my #2) the jasmin mint is really for special occasions, I call it perfume for your mouth.. Very minty floral.. The taste reminds me a little of those violet mints you could get back in the day.. Although much more expensive than your typical grocery store brands (it sells for 10.50 on ) I think they are worth it.. the aquatic mint tastes like a beachy mint, like brushing on a sail boat. Very refreshing, like a slap of cold ocean across the face. If you want to pretty up your bathroom countertop too, the tubes are really classy looking!


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