Archos 605 wifi – personal media player

Now that phones are multitasking so much better then 2 years ago, gadgets must also step it up from their ability to do one or two things.. Now they must do those things well and do even more. The archos 604 is a personal media player (pmp) that does tons. It records and plays movies and tv shows, plays music, stores picture and files, surfs the web via wifi, plays games, and when you download widgets online you can do a lot more.. Mind you the price point on the archos looks good on the site, but if you want to do it all expect to shell out at least 80 in software upgrades and about 100 on additional hardware. So do the math to figure out if you can afford it first or you’ll be up poopcreek.
Some things that really shine on this device are the clarity of the screen (and its a touchscreen!), the easy to navigate menus, nice compact size and big screen. (WxDxH): 4.8 in x 0.8 in x 3.2 in; Display type: TFT 4.3 in. I got mine in an 80 GB storage capacity which I will never be able to fill. Make sure you get the dvr recorder or half the features go to waste! If you really want to save buy it refurbished from But just be careful to make sure you didn’t get a dud.. If you buy the refurb make sure you try everything.. I spent 2 months waiting for my replacement to arrive after I sent back a buggy model that needed to constantly be reset, my replacement has had no problems. Definitely worth the $ especialy if you’re a nyc commuter like me!


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