My Favorites from my trip to DC

I traveled down to DC and Annapolis MD last weekend to visit my sister and family.. We went to view her Barack Obama Painting on exhibit at the Manifest Hope Gallery in DC. We had a very fun (but cold) trip. I love Washington DC with all its history and majestic architecture, there is so much to see. One of my favorites, was our tour of the Capitol Building.. Just walking through its corridors, and imagining our forefathers, gathered within its walls, shaping America and its politics.. its an absolutely stunning building! Looking up from the inside of the dome, there is a fresco painting – The Apotheosis of Washington, on the ceiling.. Its like Washington looking down on you from the heavens – somewhat intimidating when you realize how high up it is..

We walked through the Crypt, and the Statuary Hall – where we saw where John Adams desk once sat (very cool).. we also saw the old supreme court chamber and Nancy Pelosis office. Definitely worth the trip, if you are into politics.. Just make sure you dont bring bags of candy with you when you go through security.. they are strict in these buildings.. and made me throw out all my candy!! i was upset for the rest of the day!


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