Mozilla Firefox – My favorite way to surf the web!

For all the years that I have been an internet junkie, Internet Explorer has been the way to get my fix. After about 4 system restores, a million virus scans, 3 disk defrags – and a plethora of curse words and violent fist pumps against the slowness of my web browser, I decided to try Mozilla Firefox. I read up and found that In 2008, compared Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer in their “Battle of the Browsers” in terms of performance, security, and features, Firefox won top honors. It also used less memory than other browsers – which means my computer was less likely to crap out at the slightest problem. I could get on facebook faster, and play games at speeds that were almost a little too fast- And it also helps that it is a much more secure!

While I am only somewhat tech savvy- I can tell you that within minutes of switching to Mozilla, I realized my internet life had been much improved. I can’t believe I didnt switch sooner.. I guess its sort of like people who still use aol. They dont realize that there are other options for internet exploring.. I hope if anyone reads this, that they give Mozilla Firefox a try. You will understand once you’ve done it. This will be one of my top favorite things this year.


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