Tritium Keyring

Its helped me countless times, but yet I havent blogged about it – shame on me! Anywho, Tritium Keyrings are these little glowing keychains that glow for 10 years without ever needing any light. I cant explain the science behind it, but it is made from radioactive hydrogen gas.. I ofcourse did my research before I bought one- it emits a microscopic amount of gamma radiation, but its about a few hundred times less than a light up watch dial. You cant buy in the US, but you can scoop one up on Ebay.. Not sure why they wont allow these in the states, when they allow it in watches.. but hey, one more exclusive thing I can share with all of you here. They are usually about 10 Euro, when you can find it. Its probably saved an accumulated 2 hours over the course of my life, in scrambling through my extremely messy purse. Good luck my adventureous friends!


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