Zzang Candy Bars – Original

When a candy bar costs you 5 dollars, that doesn’t neccessarily mean it’s going to be delicious, but it better be. When I ate this, I wanted to shout Zzang Gina! (wow that was lame) but I’m just trying to emphasize, somewhat cheesily, that this thing was delishy. I heard Rachey RayRay yummos these to death, so I had to give em a try.
What makes it so good is the caramel, it tastes like homemade, sort of burnt caramelization, not that processed light sugary snickers fake stuff, it’s the real deal. The ingredients list is simple- all real quality ingredients.

Sometimes candy bar chocolate is as bad as those waxy choco-coins you used to eat before you ever really understood what real chocolate was supposed to taste like, this stuff is perfect, nice dark and rich. Worth the $5!


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