AMC Dine In Theatre – Menlo Park

I have been waiting for a theatre where it would be acceptable to whip a big mac out of my purse and enjoy it like I do when I watch movies at home. Finally, I no longer need to smuggle food in – enter AMC dine-in theatres. The concept is simple, movie theatre with a little table, and waiters that take and bring your order to you. While I understand that this is new, I will say that I am adding this to my site – because the idea is brilliant – but it has some little details that need to be worked out. At Menlo Park, my experience was lacking. At the bar before the show, there was a crowd, not waiting for drinks – suprisingly, waiting to pay. It seemed that there was 1 girl who had some knowledge of what she was doing, while the rest sort of stood around not knowing what to do. I waited about 20 minutes and 3 trips from the bartender who kept bringing my credit card back saying she would ring me out in a few minutes. I sat staring at all the useless people just twiddling their thumbs, waiting for a manager to come and tell them what they should be doing.

Shame on you, AMC. You are taking advantage of the fact that you are the only movie theatre I know that serves food. Ofcourse I’ll be back. I like to eat and watch movies. So other than lacking service (They didnt bring my drinks before my food, the ketchup container was empty and didn’t get refilled after we asked, they gave me the wrong burger (which I would’ve protested if I could see it) and at the end I got someone elses credit card)

All that said, I still am posting it on because for now, I like it. Now when I see another theatre do it better, Im sure AMC will slip over to the darker side (

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