Draw Something App

I don’t typically write app reviews, I have about 300 apps on my Droid Bionic, and most of them are pretty fun. But yesterday, my sister invited me to play Draw Something – which is like words with friends and pictionary combined. It has changed my life, and brought my work productivity to 0. I have since recruited some of my coworkers to play, thus reducing the offices overall productivity – which I would never do for something that wasn’t this much fun. The app is free, and like pictionary- you draw pictures for the other person to guess. I haven’t figured out the scoring system yet, but I don’t really care who wins, its hilarious watching your friends draw and redraw something really poorly. Get the app, and play with me I’m Yvetteg555, and I’m a pretty awesome drawer!


P.S. Its on android and iPhone so you have no excuse unless your a bberry.


Batali Pang Sandwich – Num Pang NYC

Did I mention that I love the Cambodian sandwich place, Num Pang? Well in case you didn’t read yesterdays post. I do. So much in fact that I returned to have them for lunch for the second day in a row, this time trying Celebrity chef Mario Batali’s signature sandwich, aptly called the Batali Pang. It was heaven,cotechinno sausage (don’t know what this is but I know its delicious!), carrots, cucumber, some sort of thin cheese and what tasted like pickled sweet onions, all slathered with spicy chili mayo in between two beautiful baguettes. This is super limited edition, so go grab one in the next few days if you’re


near NYC!

Grilled Skirt Steak Sandwich – Num Pang

The most delicious Cambodian sandwich I have ever tasted, ok the first Cambodian sandwich I have ever tasted but it also happened to be the best. Grilled skirt steak was tender and flavorful, perfect ratio of carrots cucumbers and sauce to top it off, fresh roll with the crispy outside and soft inside. Came with a side a what tasted like sriracha. Num Pang in midtown nyc is my new favorite spot