Draw Something App

I don’t typically write app reviews, I have about 300 apps on my Droid Bionic, and most of them are pretty fun. But yesterday, my sister invited me to play Draw Something – which is like words with friends and pictionary combined. It has changed my life, and brought my work productivity to 0. I have since recruited some of my coworkers to play, thus reducing the offices overall productivity – which I would never do for something that wasn’t this much fun. The app is free, and like pictionary- you draw pictures for the other person to guess. I haven’t figured out the scoring system yet, but I don’t really care who wins, its hilarious watching your friends draw and redraw something really poorly. Get the app, and play with me I’m Yvetteg555, and I’m a pretty awesome drawer!


P.S. Its on android and iPhone so you have no excuse unless your a bberry.


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