Neutrogena Rapid Clear Sore Pimple Gel

What’s worse than a zit? A painful zit.
You know those deep, sore, inflammed jerks that hurt an entire region of your face. I tried this gel which is a mix of salicic acid and menthol that cools the zit down, actually it feels really nice in the morning. It heals a zit and makes it noticeably smaller within a few days. Likey!


Yes to Carrots – C Me Smile Lip Butters

I like to eat carrots, when they are in carrot cake. So I was surprised that I liked Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter in Carrot flavor. Its, carroty, but not too carroty. More like a subtle carrot, sitting across the room from you reading a paper, being quiet and unassuming, HA!. And its 95% organic, and makes your lips feel really smooth!! P.s. Oprah likes it. I like it too.

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil

I’ve been trying on wedding dresses – strapless ones that will show off my shoulders, but the problem is, I have this scar on my breastbone – ive had it for about 2 months, and I want it outta here before I walk down the aisle in August.. I started putting it on for a few days and already I’m noticing that its starting to get smaller. Ive got my fiance putting it on his head scar now.. Love it love it love it.. oh, and it smells good too. all buttery yummy goodness.

Amika Flat Iron – My hair is straight!

My day of shopping has brought me closer to hair nirvana, with a new flat iron called – Amika. Its basically a 100% solid ceramic (not just a coated) flat iron that gets your hair straighter than any flat iron I have ever tried, and as a woman with kinky hair, I have tried them all!

Normally, I have to get a professional blow-out by someone who is an expert with the blowdryer, to get my hair really straight. Today, this girl in the mall got it straighter with two passes of the amika flat iron. I was ready to buy it before she even told me how much she was selling it for. $250 which is a rip-off, you can buy it online for about 110. I walked away paying 90, plus i get 2 years of free hair stylin’ at the kiosk at the mall. Nice, if you dont mind getting your hair done in front of millions of shoppers passing by. Check out more at

Bliss Lid+Lash Wash

I want my eye makeup to come off with a little effort, and I dont want my eyes to burn, and I dont want to tug on my fragile little eyelids.. So I tried Bliss Lid + Lash Wash, and its wonderful! A cooling gel that takes my make up off with one or two swipes, and when I get it in my eyes (because you can’t avoid getting it in there) – it doesnt burn! With the hot summer months, you can even put it in the fridge for a nice extra cooling sensation.

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

They call it colorstay, and this stays.. Almost too well! I finally found an eyeliner that will wear the entire workday, and even into the night without having to re-apply. I use the black, and the point always gives me a nice precise line that is very rich and dark. Even at the beach, or in the pool – this stuff does not come off or run. You should definitely buy a good eye makeup remover if you are going to wear this, its difficult to get it all off.. my recommendation on eye makeup remover follows this.

Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist

This is exactly what you need at 2pm when lunch starts to settle and tireness ensues! Its a refreshing face mist that you spritz on that 1. Wakes you up, 2. Makes your skin feel all cool and refreshed.. I also use it first thing in the am when I’m trying to get myself off the bed and into the bathroom, its the little boost I need to get me up. $35 at

Sheckys Girls Night Out

Last night Monica and I went to Sheckys Girls Night Out event.. Basically its a shopping party that you pay 30 dollars to get into (and you get a big goodie bag) and there are all sorts of cool freebies you can score while you shop a lot of local boutiquey type shops.. Loads of fun, I got my eyebrows threaded, got a hand massage and played some nintendo while sipping tgi fridays fruit mojitos. Yum! The pic is of the contents of my goodie bag, so you may see some of these products in future blogs (we’ll see after I get to try them all)
I think this will be an event we will regular each year.. While im not a big fan of jewelry, and they have lots of jewelry vendors, they also had a lot of clothes and specialty shops that really caught my eye.. I will write about the winners of my money later.
A website with lots of fashion, beauty, food and pretty much everything trendy you need to know about.

Mario Badescu – Drying Mask

Woo, this mask really pulls everything out of your skin – I mean this in a good way. Its called Drying Mask, and thats what it does, drys everything up. You really need to wash to get this stuff off your face, but once you do – your face feels like baby bottom, all soft and smooth. Even brighter. You’d better follow with the Special Cucumber lotion and a good moisturizer, though..

Its made with colliodial sulfur, which helps dry out acne blemishes.. and I’ve noticed my skin begin to clear up when i began using this.. which is about 1 time every 1-2 weeks. The whole Badescu line is like an undiscovered secret – I’ll be trying more of their products.