Before I start telling you about all the fabulous products Im loving on my hair, I thought I’d rave a bit about co-washing or Conditioner Washing. First, about me – Im half black, half filipino with very course kinky hair. For years I have relaxed, straightened and chemically ravaged my hair. Recently, on a vacation to Bermuda, I decided I had had it with doing my hair. (I have sometimes gotten so frustrated with my tangly frizz that I have contemplated shaving it off – but my husband has told me he would be very unhappy if I did this)

SO I started reading curly hair and african hair websites to see what others in my situation were doing about their hair, and I found the method of cowashing, which basically means washing your hair with conditioner rather than shampoo. The first day, I noticed my hair was much softer, my curls were a little more defined, less frizz.. Day 2 my curls were noticeable even when I pulled my hair back, softer and less fried feeling. I continued co-washing daily until about day 5, when I shampood (To help remove all the conditioner build up).

Not for everyone, especially if your hair is oily, but definitely worth a try for those with dry or damaged hair (if only maybe every other wash)

C.O. Bigelow – Lemon Pomegranate Lip Cream

Liquid Gummy Bears for your lips. Mmm. Like a really creamy gloss, not at all sticky. With 1% pomegranate, and lemon oil – this gloss not only smells and tastes delish, its also very good for your lips! Get it online at or Bath & Body Works.

Ouidad Double Detangler Comb

Recently, I decided to start wearing my hair natural. (Not relaxing, or straightening my hair with irons/blow dryers) – This was after I discovered co-washing or “conditioner-washing” where you use a conditioner rather than shampoo to clean your hair.. The next few posts will be all about my hair rediscovery.. After 1 week of wearing my hair natural, I realized the importance of a good comb, one with thick enough teeth that are far enough apart. Without a good comb to get through your tangles, 1 week of co-washing would end up leaving my hair in massive tangles. So what kind of magic does this $24 comb bring to the table, you ask? Its weight! Its a heavy little guy, and the weight is what helps make it easier to get through your tangly mess of hair. It takes a little bit of the work out of it. Also, another plus is the two rows of teeth are far enough apart that you can pull all the hair out of it with 1 quick swipe of your finger. Beautiful!

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Sore Pimple Gel

What’s worse than a zit? A painful zit.
You know those deep, sore, inflammed jerks that hurt an entire region of your face. I tried this gel which is a mix of salicic acid and menthol that cools the zit down, actually it feels really nice in the morning. It heals a zit and makes it noticeably smaller within a few days. Likey!

Yes to Carrots – C Me Smile Lip Butters

I like to eat carrots, when they are in carrot cake. So I was surprised that I liked Yes To Carrots C Me Smile Lip Butter in Carrot flavor. Its, carroty, but not too carroty. More like a subtle carrot, sitting across the room from you reading a paper, being quiet and unassuming, HA!. And its 95% organic, and makes your lips feel really smooth!! P.s. Oprah likes it. I like it too.

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil

I’ve been trying on wedding dresses – strapless ones that will show off my shoulders, but the problem is, I have this scar on my breastbone – ive had it for about 2 months, and I want it outta here before I walk down the aisle in August.. I started putting it on for a few days and already I’m noticing that its starting to get smaller. Ive got my fiance putting it on his head scar now.. Love it love it love it.. oh, and it smells good too. all buttery yummy goodness.

Amika Flat Iron – My hair is straight!

My day of shopping has brought me closer to hair nirvana, with a new flat iron called – Amika. Its basically a 100% solid ceramic (not just a coated) flat iron that gets your hair straighter than any flat iron I have ever tried, and as a woman with kinky hair, I have tried them all!

Normally, I have to get a professional blow-out by someone who is an expert with the blowdryer, to get my hair really straight. Today, this girl in the mall got it straighter with two passes of the amika flat iron. I was ready to buy it before she even told me how much she was selling it for. $250 which is a rip-off, you can buy it online for about 110. I walked away paying 90, plus i get 2 years of free hair stylin’ at the kiosk at the mall. Nice, if you dont mind getting your hair done in front of millions of shoppers passing by. Check out more at