skin milk

I am a believer that you should have a different lotion for different parts of your body.. this stuff is called body creme, but i use it on my feet. only.. and Ive gone through 3 huge jars.. so i really like this stuff. Anyway, doesnt smell like milk, it sorta has a milkish scent at first but actually once you put it on it doesnt smell like much, but it keeps your feet from getting to that really dry point where when you rub your toes together it makes your skin crawl.. Maybe im really nuts, but i cant stand when my feet get really dry.
and the jars.. huge. but i said that already..

Mario Badescu – Vitamin E Body Lotion

I read about this stuff in Lucky mag so I jumped to the trusty world wide web and scooped up a bottle online, 16oz – $22.. This is one of the softest lotions i’ve tried, and lord ive tried many.. when you put it on after the shower, it really keeps your skin soft for a nice long time.. then once it really gets absorbed in, your skin feels really smooth. Its got a nice scent (i smell a light gardenia and cucumber), ive tried it as a hand cream, but its really too much for hands. It feels like its meant for your softer skin parts, it settles into your skin, but on the hands its a little greasy.