Avon Planet Spa – African Shea Butter Hand and Cuticle Cream

There are a lot of lotions and hand cremes that smell good, but this product smells so good I’d like to squeeze the whole tube into my mouth.

Ok, I won’t do that, but you get what I’m saying, it smells good. Buttery and yeasty like baking sweet bread. It also leaves hands super soft and helps moisturize cuticles. I pray that Avon never gets rid of this product!


Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme

I abhor dry feet. In fact, I’d rather run my nails down a chalk board then have really dry feet. Actually my obsessive moisturization also applies to my hands and lips, so I’m a freak for good lipbalm and hand creme.
I like burt’s bees coconut foot creme, because it’s not a cream at all, more of an emollient balm. It’s made of mostly oils – coconut, olive, oat and rosemary leaf, it’s a little on the greasy side, but it soaks in once you let your feet marinate in a pair of socks. Leaves your feet baby bun soft.

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil

I’ve been trying on wedding dresses – strapless ones that will show off my shoulders, but the problem is, I have this scar on my breastbone – ive had it for about 2 months, and I want it outta here before I walk down the aisle in August.. I started putting it on for a few days and already I’m noticing that its starting to get smaller. Ive got my fiance putting it on his head scar now.. Love it love it love it.. oh, and it smells good too. all buttery yummy goodness.

Molton Brown – Relaxing Yuan Zhi bath & shower gel

Another Molton Brown product – this company might be onto something.. This is a nice calming scented body wash, perfect for people like me who like to have night showers. The Yuan Zhi promotes restfulness and relaxation, and its also got vanilla and ylang ylang.. Its a very tranquil smelling wash, sort of reminds me of a masculine lavender, the perfect night time scent.. I invokes thoughts of a warm bath under the stars. ahhh. http://www.moltonbrown.com/ or buy at Bath & Body Works $28.

Caldrea Lavender Pine Handsoap

I recently added my favorite Molton Brown handsoap, thai vert.. A very pricey, but very fragrant herby soap.. Im happy to say I found another favorite that isnt so tough on the wallet – Caldrea Lavender Pine Handsoap – & it is very true to its name.. Imagine someone dropping into your hands some dried lavender and pine, and you rub them together and all the oils come out and release this beautiful foresty scent into your skin. And the scent really lasts. At only $12.50 for 16 oz, its not as snobby as the molton brown, but its still very boutiquey. So get that store bought handsoap (unless its Dove original scent) out of your bathroom, and get this stuff in!

Badger Foot Balm

I love this stuff for my feet! Especially if you put it on right after a hot shower – you dont need as much, and it keeps your skin from getting dry. Its got peppermint, balsam fir, eucalyptus, rosemary and tea tree oil.. A very nice combination.. The strongest scent is the balsam and rosemary.. its like walking through a forest this stuff.. about $10 for a 2oz tin at www.badgerbalm.com I also like their sleep balm

Nivea Goodbye Cellulite

I got this as a full sized sample in my Sheckys Goodie bag, and what perfect timing.. Right before I left for our vacation in Punta Cana. Beaches, Pools.. bathing suits in front of all my fiances friends and family. While this will not get rid of extreme cellulite, the L-Carnitine helps minimize it. It smooths out mild dimples, makes your legs and buns look a lot younger. But remember, its only temporary, and once it washes off – your lil dimples will be back! I recommend this for people with mild cellulite – it really works.

Sheckys Girls Night Out

Last night Monica and I went to Sheckys Girls Night Out event.. Basically its a shopping party that you pay 30 dollars to get into (and you get a big goodie bag) and there are all sorts of cool freebies you can score while you shop a lot of local boutiquey type shops.. Loads of fun, I got my eyebrows threaded, got a hand massage and played some nintendo while sipping tgi fridays fruit mojitos. Yum! The pic is of the contents of my goodie bag, so you may see some of these products in future blogs (we’ll see after I get to try them all)
I think this will be an event we will regular each year.. While im not a big fan of jewelry, and they have lots of jewelry vendors, they also had a lot of clothes and specialty shops that really caught my eye.. I will write about the winners of my money later.
A website with lots of fashion, beauty, food and pretty much everything trendy you need to know about.

Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom

My favorite scented collection for the summer from Bath and Body Works is Cherry Blossom. I like the Ultimate Silk Body Lotion because its powdery but not overly drying. Its perfect for the hotter days when you need to stay dry, plus the scent lasts. I layer it with the body spray – and also use the shower gel, and shampoo and condition for complete coverage! And i never smell too strong, it reminds me of the start of spring.. And the cherry is not foodie at all, but fresh and floral. The best of their many scents, in my opinion.

Caress Exotic Oil Infusions – Morrocan

This is a very rich and lathery, sweet yet subtly spicy body wash that leaves your skin nice and soft. The name fits it, very exotic and unique smelling. You can still smell it after you wash. I still needed a moisturizer after I washed, but the only thing that was really rich enough that you didnt have to put on lotion after using, is sugar/oil scrubs. And those leave so much residue on your shower floor that I use them only on special occasions. This is a perfect everyday body wash – makes you feel very sexy. about $5 at www.drugstore.com