Crate & Barrel Demitasse Spoon

I have always had a fondness for spoons. I dunno what it is. As a child, I remember asking my mom that she leave me our spoons when she died. (I was too young to realize that wasnt a nice thing to ask) – So back to the spoons – I like these because they are perfect for eating my desserts (in little baby size portions – i feel like Im eating more) – they are 4.95 for a single spoon, get a couple. They are also perfect to add to a foodie condiment gift basket, or for serving your sugar for tea.. or really any other condiment.. at Crate & Barrel

The Laundress – Delicate Wash

Another beautiful smelling, gourmet cleaning product – The Laundress New York carries a bunch of different clothing cleaning products, in different perfum-ish fragrances – my favorite is Lady.. a very sophisticated scent. They carry all sorts of laundry helpers – detergents, dryer sheets, and sweater stones to name a few. Although not cheap, at $18 for 16oz of the Delicate Wash, its definitely a treat for all your delicates.

Mrs Meyers Clean Day Lavender Dish Soap

You have to do dishes, so you might as well have the lovely smell of lavender wafting up as you clean. The scent is beautiful, like sugared lavender – and it cuts through the grease. The ingredients are natural, and the bottle is cute – its got something called Soap Bark Extract, a natural degreasing agent, and essential oils – so its very fragrant. It doesnt leave your dishes smelling though, which is good – you dont want your food to smell lavendery. 4.99 at

Cool Jewels – Ice Cube Diamonds

Does the shape of your ice really matter.. other than if its the same shape as the cup and blocks the flow of your drink, no. But if you are having a party, or guests over.. these are very fitting. Like an extra little touch that shows you care.. This little rubber ice tray makes jewel shaped ice cubes.. They look really cool in your cup.

The Scent Ball

Safer than burning candles, this scented diffuser works with these little hard fabric re-useable pads. You drop your scented oil on the pad, put it in the ball and plug it in to an outlet. I use one in my office and every morning i put a few drops of a few of my favorite The Body Shop oils (Lemon Basil, or Jelly Bean mixed with Sparkling Pear, to name a few).. The pad is warmed and the heat is dispursed in a nice even manner. I prefer it to any plug-in, or desktop scent maker.. Plus, you can keep a supply of your favorite scents and make it stronger, or weaker – depending on your preference. I bought mine from The Body Shop, but they dont sell them on their site online – you can buy it from