Caldrea Counter Spray

Special Guest Post – By Larissa Marantz

I HATE cleaning. Let me say that again. I HATE cleaning. However, I love having a fresh smelling and clean home. Obviously I have a bit of a predicament. Well… I’m working on getting a maid, but until that happens, I can have a fresh smelling home with my favorite new cleaning product. Caldrea’s Countertop Cleaner, Citron Ginger scented is keeping me quite content with it’s natural essential oils of grapefruit, ginger and basil. I actually look forward to cleaning off all the clutter and dishes from my counter so that I can wipe up my counters nice and shiny with this spray. I found a 16 oz. spray bottle at Target for under $6. Yes, it costs a little more than Windex or Method ( my other favorite cleaning product maker ) but the wonderful aroma of ginger and citrus lingers long after I’ve swiped my counter. In fact, I clean my counter before I go on an errand run, and when I come back, my house smells lovely. Ahhh. Fresh and clean. Well, fresh SMELLING anyway– just don’t look at my floors.

Larissa Marantz



It might be the ugliest thing in my office, but it definitely smells the best. Meet Scentball, my superpowered customizeable airfreshening machine!

Better than any plug in fragrance diffuser I’ve tried, basically you put a few drops of scented oil on this felt type rectangle and plug it in. The fabric gets warm and releases the scent all day long. It’s good for small spaces like bathrooms or my office 😦

I recommend Bath & Body works or The Body Shop for great scented oils.

Buy it at

Indulgence by Berkshire (Blanket/Throws)

I have a Snuggie, a pink one – and I enjoy it. But it hasnt made it to the iTryiLike posts, why? Its not soft enough! But I say this because I have experienced the “Indulgence” blanket (from Bed Bath and Beyond).. I added these to my wedding registry, and luckily, I received more of these than I felt I needed at the time – but now, I feel you cant have too many of these blankets. They are super soft and cuddly, and long enough to cover you with some extra room for the toe tuck-under. I have 2 in the den, 1 in the bedroom, 1 in my craft room, and 1 in the closet. They get softer and softer after each wash.. The only thing that would make this blanket any better, would be to give it some sleeves!

Slatkin & Co – Creamy Nutmeg

The richest, most edible foodie scented oil I have smelled, and if you open my desk drawer in my office, you KNOW i have smelled a lot. This is a very sweet vanilla nutmeg, described on their website as “An inviting and warm blend of fresh ground nutmeg, vanilla and pralines atop a base of dark, rich rum” the perfect description. I have it in the plug in wall flower, and the scented oil.. I wish I could just put this right in my nose so I could smell it all day..

The Body Shop – Lemon Basil Fragrance Oil

I use fragrance oil in my office everyday.. in a little scentball diffuser, and my absolute favorite is the lemon basil oil from the body shop.. Its a kitcheny scent, very fresh and helps wake me up in the am.. One of the cleaner scents – and its not too feminine like many of the fruity scents. I get a lot of compliments when I use it. Good Stuff.

Method Flushable Cleaning Wipes – Eucalyptus Mint

I have a lot of hair, on the floor, in the sink, the tub.. pretty much everywhere. So when I wipe it up, i like to clean up too. I absolutely LOVE these flushable cleaning wipes – they clean up tubs, floor tiles, most countertops, and the scent is so fresh and clean smelling. Its a nice big minty wipe that cleans up a good amount of space, and the material is durable – so it doesnt break up as you are rubbing the dirt away! My favorite cleaning wipe – about $4 at Target or

Reynolds Handi Vac Starter Kit

I love this thing, its a little handheld vacuum, that works with these special Reynolds bags.. Basically – you put the stuff in, seal the top, press the vacuum on a flat surface on the special one way vent, and suck the air out.. And it really gets all the air out! I tried it with coffee, and the initial seal was perfect, but once you get even a spec in the top seal, this thing is done.. Its better for veggies, meats, solid things (not granualar stuff). Available at your grocery store – (and its very reasonably priced too!)

River Stones Bowl – Riccardo Marzi

From one of the best places to find all sorts of really uniquely designed pieces for the home. This is a huge bowl, with river stones in resin – so its like looking down on a river bed gleaming with water from a stream.. Beautiful – If only I had a table large enough to display it (it is sitting on top of a cabinet, unfortunatly) – $155 at


Everyone forgets things running out the door everyday.. This little stylish doorknob hanger has pockets, a little clip and comes in plenty of cute colors – perfect for holding onto the bill that needs mailing, or your keys, or your metrocard.. anything small enough you dont want to forget – I have one at work that i stick a note in that tells people to leave me alone when Im working on payroll. Very handy. $9 at