Caldrea Counter Spray

Special Guest Post – By Larissa Marantz

I HATE cleaning. Let me say that again. I HATE cleaning. However, I love having a fresh smelling and clean home. Obviously I have a bit of a predicament. Well… I’m working on getting a maid, but until that happens, I can have a fresh smelling home with my favorite new cleaning product. Caldrea’s Countertop Cleaner, Citron Ginger scented is keeping me quite content with it’s natural essential oils of grapefruit, ginger and basil. I actually look forward to cleaning off all the clutter and dishes from my counter so that I can wipe up my counters nice and shiny with this spray. I found a 16 oz. spray bottle at Target for under $6. Yes, it costs a little more than Windex or Method ( my other favorite cleaning product maker ) but the wonderful aroma of ginger and citrus lingers long after I’ve swiped my counter. In fact, I clean my counter before I go on an errand run, and when I come back, my house smells lovely. Ahhh. Fresh and clean. Well, fresh SMELLING anyway– just don’t look at my floors.

Larissa Marantz


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