Indulgence by Berkshire (Blanket/Throws)

I have a Snuggie, a pink one – and I enjoy it. But it hasnt made it to the iTryiLike posts, why? Its not soft enough! But I say this because I have experienced the “Indulgence” blanket (from Bed Bath and Beyond).. I added these to my wedding registry, and luckily, I received more of these than I felt I needed at the time – but now, I feel you cant have too many of these blankets. They are super soft and cuddly, and long enough to cover you with some extra room for the toe tuck-under. I have 2 in the den, 1 in the bedroom, 1 in my craft room, and 1 in the closet. They get softer and softer after each wash.. The only thing that would make this blanket any better, would be to give it some sleeves!


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