Sheckys Girls Night Out

Last night Monica and I went to Sheckys Girls Night Out event.. Basically its a shopping party that you pay 30 dollars to get into (and you get a big goodie bag) and there are all sorts of cool freebies you can score while you shop a lot of local boutiquey type shops.. Loads of fun, I got my eyebrows threaded, got a hand massage and played some nintendo while sipping tgi fridays fruit mojitos. Yum! The pic is of the contents of my goodie bag, so you may see some of these products in future blogs (we’ll see after I get to try them all)
I think this will be an event we will regular each year.. While im not a big fan of jewelry, and they have lots of jewelry vendors, they also had a lot of clothes and specialty shops that really caught my eye.. I will write about the winners of my money later.
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As you can see from the pic, these are nipple covers – for all your super sheer comfy bras that provide no coverage. I like these because I have a habit of changing into these fabulous but thin sports bra tanks that I got from nordstrom rack at night (they are comfortable enough to sleep in) but even with a dark tee on top.. They always show! I can’t leave the house with the faintest "high beams" so these are perfect.. They warm up and you WILL forget that you are wearing them, but try not to.. Your ladies must breathe overnight.. Washable.. Very thin at the edges so be careful you don’t tear em. A nice gift for the modest girl friend. About $26 at

Caress Exotic Oil Infusions – Morrocan

This is a very rich and lathery, sweet yet subtly spicy body wash that leaves your skin nice and soft. The name fits it, very exotic and unique smelling. You can still smell it after you wash. I still needed a moisturizer after I washed, but the only thing that was really rich enough that you didnt have to put on lotion after using, is sugar/oil scrubs. And those leave so much residue on your shower floor that I use them only on special occasions. This is a perfect everyday body wash – makes you feel very sexy. about $5 at

Always Thin Pantiliners

Yes, thats right – Im writing about pantiliners!! I’ll keep it super short for all the men.. but informative for the ‘wimin. These liners as so thin, and the sticky stuff on the back lines the whole liner so that when you put these things on your ‘roos they really stick. Its like a second layer of fabric ironed onto your underwear.. seriously flat and thinner than any liner ive tried. It wont roll up in the back or wedge because it stays on the fabric! Good stuff

Glide Comfort Plus Mint Floss

I never liked to floss as a child, and my dentist always reminded me as she cursed my cavity-ridden teeth (as she was drilling them to bits).. yikes, well back to the now.. Im an adult, and i floss more regularly – but not twice a day or anything.. and I use this floss because its not as uncomfortable as running twine through your teeth. This is almost like a very thin flat piece of material, it feels like the same stuff grocery store shopping bags are made of. plasticy thin but gets the junk out of your teeth. 3.35 at

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps – Almond Organic Liquid Soap

I found this years ago in California at Mothers Market. The package is a little wacky, has all sorts of jibberish on it, but no matter, the soap is awesome and will get almost any bad smell off of your hands. Its certified under the USDA National Organic Program, and also certified Fair Trade – so you can feel good about buying it – plus the almond scent, which is my favorite, just makes you feel happy. The scent is lasting even after you wash it off, and gives lots of suds with just a few drops. When i first bought it, it said 18 in 1, but you could probably do a lot more with it.

8.99 for 16 oz at

Marvis toothpaste

Brushing your teeth should be something you look forward to. Marvis has such a different and actually pleasant taste that brushing is a lil bit more exciting. Marvis toothpaste comes in original classic mint, aquatic mint (my #1) and jasmin mint (my #2) the jasmin mint is really for special occasions, I call it perfume for your mouth.. Very minty floral.. The taste reminds me a little of those violet mints you could get back in the day.. Although much more expensive than your typical grocery store brands (it sells for 10.50 on ) I think they are worth it.. the aquatic mint tastes like a beachy mint, like brushing on a sail boat. Very refreshing, like a slap of cold ocean across the face. If you want to pretty up your bathroom countertop too, the tubes are really classy looking!