Ample Hills Creamery – Salted Crack Caramel


If Oprah can eat an entire pint in one sitting than so shall I. Picked up a few pints at the Gotham West market in NYC. I walked 1.2 miles in the scorching heat. Sweating in my suit from the office after work.. And it was totally worth it. The Salted Crack Caramel tastes like burnt salted toffee, and its got saltine chocolate toffee crackers in it (if youve made them than you know why they are called crack) and it is so good. Batches are handmade and they ship worldwide. Get some at


Flipster app + library card = free magazines on your phone


Just catching up on the domestic issues on the ride home. #NBD

I feel like the library is a little secret that the masses haven’t really stumbled upon yet. So its to be expected that the concept of renting magazines from the library online using your phone would be completely foreign.. So (since im such a good person) im sharing this secret with all of you. Flipster is an app you download and works with participating libraries and brings you a slew of magazines to enjoy online or on your cell phone (android or iphone). You pay for nothing. You get viewing access for a week. Titles are legit. Why does no one know about this??

I love Inbox by Gmail!


We all have too much email. Work email. Personal email. Its overwhelming. Until recently I would attempt to delete mail en masse on a bi-quarterly basis- but would give up about 400 emails in. Yesterday i got both of my gmail inboxes down to 0, with the inbox app. Its brilliant. It allows you to mark emails done, snooze, or even pin important emails you need to keep in view. The best is that you can categorize and mark entire groups as done. Every email is archived rather than deleted so it doesnt feel so permanent, but it takes the clutter out of your box and even gives you a special little picture once youve cleared it all out. This app’s a big deal.

ACT II – Sweet Cinnamon Popcorn


Ive always wondered when popcorn makers would figure out that people need more flavors. Jolly time wisely created Mallow Magic which was a ridiculously good, albeit messy marshmallowy microwave popcorn which you can only find online.

We need more variety. We dont need 10 different butters. We need Sriracha. Vanilla. Maple bacon.
ACT II took a step in the right direction with their sweet cinnamon. Its slightly buttery but much sweeter than kettle corn, the cinnamon is sort of candyish (think candied apple cinnamon).. but very good.

International Delight – Vanilla Heat

20131112_181821These people at International Delight, they are innovators. Coffee innovators. Today I tried one of their newest flavors, Vanilla Heat. Its vanilla, its spicy, its a perfect way to get your face all heated up on a bitter cold morning. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this? I want it every morning. In every cup of coffee I make. This is big.