Sleep as Android app – the swiss army knife of alarm clock/sleep tracking apps

I dont wake up for alarms. My sleeping body is too clever. I once kept my alarm clock across the room tucked under my desk behind a chair. Within days I had figured a way to turn it off in my sleep.
I recently began using this app on a recommendation from my nephew- and I can say its one of the smartest little multifunction alarm clock and sleep tracking apps I’ve seen. Not only does it track your movement, through your phones accelerometer (to see when you are sleeping), but you can also set it to wake you at an “ideal” time when your body has completed a sleep cycle. Not sure how it figures this – but its cool. You wake more refreshed. And for all of you that need an alarm that is smarter than the morning you, there are tests you can make the alarm ask you (to get your morning brain working) in order to turn off the alarm. Like simple math. I dont know about you, but once my brain is thinking about multiplication tables – I’m up.



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