Merlins Magic Sleep Suit

My son loves to flail his arms around in his sleep. Ive tried swaddles, sleep sacks, holding his arms down while I hover above him trying to lull him back into sleep. I picked up the Merlins Magic Sleep Suit with hope, that this one device would allow me to walk away from him without worrying that he would flail himself awake once again.

This thing is the bomb.

Yesterday, we watched Resident Evil, while Ethan laid asleep in his suit. It was the first time he actually didnt wake up during the movie. The first movie my husband and I were able to enjoy all the way through (in 3 months!). Thats worth cash money.

The thing looks like a huge bunting, but the magic is in the construction – its built to make the baby feel like hes being held, which is exactly how my son likes to fall asleep. $69.95 online for two http://www.magicsleepsuit.comImage


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