searching for a scent – Escentric Molecules 01

I found a great website with really great, high end only perfumes from around the world .. If you’ve been in my bathroom, you know I have too many perfumes.. I figure, I’m engaged, living with my beau its time to settle down and find my signature scent.. so each day I will try a new scent, and write about it here..

today its Escentric Molecules – 01

Ok, heres the strange thing about this scent – its not really a scent, it doesnt smell like much in the bottle.. there is only one ingredient, a chemical compound called ISO E Super.. the smell is supposedly noticeable by others as it dissapears to the wearer very quickly.. Its interesting because after i put it on, i didnt think i put enough on, so i put on some more (mind you I am only using the little toothpick sized dabber) and then later I noticed it.. It smells faintly cedary, woody.. with a little of the after a snow ozonyness.. A lot of fellow reviewers said they noticed the scent stayed on their bedsheets, so it must really release when your body temp gets hot.. I’ll try it tonight and at work tomorrow and see if anyone notices it.

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