Imperial Opoponax

Day 2 of my search for my signature scent.. Today Im wearing Imperial Opoponax by Les Nereides.. This is actually one of those unisex fragrances – and i dont usually like unisex fragrances because I dont like smelling masculine.. this one starts off very manish – and when i first put it on I was upset – it reminded me of a more masculine Shalimar, which is very gaudy to me, what a rich old woman would smell like, opoponax is one of the top notes of Shalimar.. I started to smell it change a little bit within about 20 minutes.. it smelled more feminine, but didnt really feel like something that was me.. Some vanilla-ish scent in there, the notes that were explained on the website are: opoponax (sweet myrrh), amber, vanilla, sandalwood, benzoin, citrus.
Its very hard to describe the scent now.. I will see what it morphs into while im reading my book in bed tonight.. From yesterday, the Molecule 01 gave me little whifs of scent that was nice.. But i realized that i am the type of person that doesnt like not smelling her perfume.. I felt like it just randomly puffed back up every once in awhile. This perfume has a more lasting scent. It does smell a little more sophisticated and mature then the stuff i usually stick to, but thats what this is all about.. finding my new scent.. anyway – on to the next one!


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