Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri – I might have found it!! My scent! I love this scent, its so different and like nothing I’ve smelled before. Ok, let me try to describe – Powdery at first, almond and cherry notes right after.. While I dont find myself typically liking the powder, it has a very sexy edge to it.. It is inspired by Rahat Loukhoum, a turkish delicacy.. “Turkish Delight” and it has a little bit of the rose scent that you can taste in this dessert.. I was just reading the Lion, witch and the wardrobe by C.S. Lewis, and my favorite part – when Edmund meets the witch and she feeds him an endless supply of an enchanted Turkish Delight.. the kid is like a drug addict and he could eat it until he kills himself.. Thats how I feel about this scent.. I kept putting on more and more.. I read that the lasting power of this scent it strong, so i probably overdid it.. but wow.. It sits on my skin very nicely! I cant stop smelling my wrist.

From afar, you smell the powder, up close, the almond and cherry.. I am intrigued!

Loukhoum notes: hawthorn blossom, bulgarian rose absolute, precious woods, vanilla, Comores flowers, white almond, musk

I am very glad the Matin Calin wore off for me to try this one, its so unique, i know no one would ever smell like this so I am very very happy right now.

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