Matin Calin – Sugar Milk

After smelling this perfume, I realize that I hold a special place for gourmand fragrances.. sweet sugary, food smelling fragrances.. I grew up eating way too much candy, so it seems like a natural progression that I would want to smell of it as an adult. I smell condensed milk mixed with cotton candy and honeyish vanilla.. yum. It smells like I remember white rabbit japanese candy tastes (minus the edible rice paper wrapper).

Matin Calin notes: toffee milk, sugar candy, vanilla pod, sandalwood

This scent is very edible for me.. I love the creamy vanilla sugaryness of it, but it does not really last all that long.

I dont know that this could be my new signature scent – but its a nice scent for those cold winter nights watching tv all wrapped up in a blanket.

If you are a foodie, and lover of sweets – Comptoir Sud Pacifique puts out some really delicious smelling scents, and this is one of my favorites

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