Crocodile embossed italian leather calfskin desk set by Graphic Image New York

I love meat, but I also love animals, so I feel a little evil writing that this desk set is one of my favorite things.. But. It is. The crocodiled embossed leather is so smooth.. My set is in brown and other than the mac its probably the priciest thing on my desk but so worth it.. The writing part stays clean regardless of the lunches that have been spilt upon it.. It looks very homey and warm.. I have a brown tone in my office and this compliments the two Caravaggio pieces I have on the wall.. You can buy it at which sells a plethora of fine leather products (they have great custom leather journals) the blotter is $130 the letter tray 120, pencil cup is 48 and a nice memo holder (think of it as a large post it note sized notecard holder) is 60 and comes with crème colored note cards. Butter.


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